Sunday, 13 February 2011

the ceremony

I'm not going to say too much about the wedding itself, I think it should be relatively private for us and our guests.

So here, instead, is a string of little moments, taken by Anna, with snippets of memories.

Holding hands

Friends reading for us

Godparents reading for us ( this is where I lost my nerves as we both knew James godfather was nervous about getting this right- I just held my breath the whole time)

Singing -the vicar complimented my dad on his volume!he's used to having to get a wedding going, not ours though, my family are all very musical and loud!!

Catching annas eye in the corner, and getting big grins back. It was so comforting to have someone friendly I could see!!

My bridesmaids whooping when we were announced husband and wife, (their excuse being that they couldn't clap for holding bouquets-apparently my mum told them off!)

I love this photo,
James' mum: are you alright mrs D?
Me: yes I am mrs D!!

And then walking out as husband and wife, to one of my favourite pieces of music, which neither of us can remember, and seeing the monocle again!

Greeting family and friends outside the church, many hugs and kisses, many group photos, a small amount of confetti, thrown mainly by tiny people, and then away!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Going to the church

I think James headed to the church about 1pm, my cousin, who was playing the organ, was coming up on the day by train, and was one of the first to arrive. James had been really looking forward to hearing him play (he's a tad talented) but he can't remember any of it!

Dad and I were ready to leave the house, but we were early, so we ended up sitting in the car with the driver for a few minutes, them chatting about old cars while I sort of gazed around wondering what was going on. After a few minutes we set off for the church. When we arrived the bridesmaids and a few randoms were waiting at the gates for me, including someone I used to work with. Anna took a few photos of us in groups, portraits with my dad, and some of the ushers staring from the porch. A few guests ran past us, and then the vicar appeared.

I remember there being jokes about the bridesmaids heights, following on from the previous night, hence the photos of shoes in height order, a prayer in the porch once the doors were shut, me needing to ask yet another question, and the vicar being oh so understanding of me.

Then the vicar flung the doors open, and boomed 'ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the bride' and walked off up the aisle ahead of me.

Meanwhile I was trying to work out who everyone else in the church was, and why they seemed so tall! My dad had the say on when we started walking, (there was a particular point to move off at in the music apparently) so we were still standing in the porch, when suddenly, an old work friend sitting at the back grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up, and Istarted to realise who people were!

We had a friend (also at the back) who had been promising all sorts of bizarre outfits for a full year before the wedding, and as we stepped forward into the church, his hand moved up to his eye, to put a monocle in. (you can just see him and monocle in the photo above!) I'm so glad he did, it made me laugh and calmed me right down. And watching the reaction of his friends ( we all thought he would do it on the way out, not the way in) was brilliant too.

We got to the altar rail, and it was James who was the more nervous I think! His best man had asked him if he was going to look, as I walked up to them, he did, when I got to him he seemed on the verge of tears.

And then it was time to get married!