Sunday, 17 October 2010

sneaky peek.

The only things I can find to take photos of today:

my bouquet (you can just see the lace its wrapped in) no I did not throw it, and yes, it was more beautiful that even i could have imagined. the florist did herself proud. also, that is my dress lying in a crumpled heap behind it!
mud stains on my dress, from a long lovely walk with James and Anna Hardy

and a tired, bashed, crushed buttonhole.
No, I have nothing better to do than make blog posts, some things never change, the husband has gone to the pub, and I'm meeting him in town later. I'll miss you all, see you in two weeks!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

orders of service

these are our finished orders of service. Made with the same card as the invitations, and with a natural handmade paper inside, all from daintree again, and tied up either with lace (from etsy) or a pink or plum ribbon. They took an afternoon with the parents, while I was feeling rather out of it and nervy, and lovely bridesmaid had to save us from our bow tying late on. my dad is wonderful in many ways, expert bow tyer he is not.

the fonts, in case anyone is interested, are
Front cover: Ecuyer dax (free)/ Aphrodite slim stylistic (paid for)
inside: Ecuyer dax/Optimus princeps (free)

park it.

This is what my cat thinks of the seating plan.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


at just under 2 weeks to go, we went to church this morning, and what did I see on the pew sheet?:

Friday, 1 October 2010

table numbers

Remember the table numbers we 'liberated' all that time ago?

Well lovely bridesmaid did some very lovely stuff with a chalk pen (FREEHAND!), and then my dad did some lovely stuff with wood stuck to the back that made them stand up, so here they are. I loves them.

Sorry about the quality of the photo, bizarre light conditions.


Several of you have asked how we made these beauties on here, and on twitter, and as they have only improved with time I thought it only right to share the recipe with you. I have it in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls family cookbook but he also did it in his 'autumn' tv series last year. I didn't add the beetroot (they were a tv addition for colour - we used food colouring) but theres no reason why you shouldn't. heres where to find the recipe. Its great fun, and it was in a book designed to be used by children with adult supervision so great for a rainy day.

p.s. when it says oil the knife, DO oil the knife. this mixture is like glue.