I come from the south, and moved to the north for college (I studied contemporary applied arts - I specialised in weaving), met a northerner and married him. We live together in Carlisle, with our two cats. I love cut flowers (bring me anenomes and I'll love you forever), cake, and Italian food; Holidaying in Europe, ceramics and woodwork; Textiles, colour and pattern. on an evening you'll often find us watching a detective drama, and playing scrabble.
This Blog.

I started this blog in 2009 after spending a silly amount of time reading other wedding blogs, and wanting in on all the fun. I wrote all about my wedding up until the day in 2010, and wrote recaps after. you can read all about our day here.
Just before our wedding we moved into a new house, and thats what I'm going to be writing about from now on. as I start writing posts about about our house renovation will appear on this tag: home.
I also write about cakes, cooking, books, and occasionally other things that take my fancy.

We're hoping to make our home warm and welcoming, but light and airy too. We've been given a beautiful building, which we want to make our own inside. To have some aspects of self sufficiency, as far as possible in a city - some forms of self generation for heat & light, and eventually I would like to have a vegetable garden.
I love hearing from you, thank you for commenting and reading for the last 2 years. I've made some great friends through this blog, and found some amazing inspiring people thanks to this space, long may it continue!

email: buzzybee68 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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