Sunday, 27 June 2010

catch up.

The car's booked. the trims are chocolate brown rather than the black that appears:

its a 1936 rolls, beyond that please dont ask me, but i think its rather rare. The car was a source of procrastination for me for AGES. I had hoped to organise a gorgeous car from round the corner to transport us, but, well, it didn't work out. anyway, job done.
we've also sorted the 3rd umbrella (vitally important), organised a fascinator for mum, found material for the pocketsquares, ordered all the card for all the stationery, mostly made the map to go in the invitations, and then, because we did all this, we had to write a new list. booyah.
I'm not feeling wordy, can you tell? it rained here today, that focussed my mind enough to write this much. I think I have heat blindness. all we seem capable of eating are BBQ's. coming up soon, (for R's benefit mainly) the story of liberation, sheep, hills, and slate.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I seem to have left my blogging mojo somewhere the last few days, I've done stuff on the list, honest I have, I'm just not writing about it. We're off to see cars tonight, of the wedding variety, and theres lots a'happenin' around here (not least that we have exciting house news finally, more on that another time) which fill up all my days. I'm still reading your blogs, as you probably noticed from my comments, I'm just not writing, but I will, soon. promise.

In the meantime, I joined twitter. you're a persuasive lot. find me @ becca_clare - I didn't want my blog name on there, and I didn't want my married or maiden names in there either, so if you've been getting random tweets from someone of that name, its me.

Friday, 18 June 2010


I feel like I'm missing out not being on twitter, am I?

(Of course, you lot will all say yes, you're all on the damn thing!)

Just another way to waste my day, instead of climbing the insurmountable pile of things TO DO IN REALITY. ugh. what to do...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I spent bout a week constantly checking what date I had started blogging one year ago, and then managed to forget on Monday. oh well, Happy 1st birthday Blog, Its been lovely!

Thank you all, for coming along for the ride so far, It really does make my day to come home and hear from you all, and I love reading your blogs too, long may it continue.x

Friday, 11 June 2010

for your amusement.

I thought I'd tell you about my day.

James has gone away for the weekend to France as he does every other year to watch the 24 hr race in le mans. so I'm home alone, and this morning I started hearing noises from the kitchen. Our flat is part of an old house with fireplaces in every room, the one in the kitchen we took out and blocked up when we moved in, for space and because it was a hideous 70's tiled affair, leaving only a 6in wide vent hole.

A bird had fallen down the chimney. (God I love my life. why does this happen when the man is away?)

I decided (40minutes before work) that I would have to pull the plug in the vent hole (James never actually put a vent in, just bunged the hole up - workmen and jobs at home n all that...) out so that the bird could come out into the kitchen and hopefully fly out the window.

So I sat for a while, watching this hole with the cats shut out of the kitchen, me shut in, and the window wide open. The bird had gone very quiet when I'd started moving around the room. Eventually, a JACKDAW hopped into the hole and started looking at me. Every time I moved it would go back into the hole in fright.

I suppose this was a sort of bizarre narnia to him. One minute you're sitting on a chimney pot, the next you're in a dark sooty hole, and then a 'door' opens, and you're in someones kitchen! Does that make me the white witch?

Anyway, I sat very still for a while, with a cushion in front of me for protection, and the bird and I looked at each other. I tried chucking bread in front of it to get it to come out, I tried hiding next to the hole so it couldn't see me. Nothing worked. By now I had 10 minutes til I had to start work (thank god for living in a small town) so I decided that I would have to leave for work with the kitchen window open, the door shut, and hope that the bird worked out what it was to do.

No such luck. It had solved half the problem, when I returned home 4 hours later, by leaving the hole in the chimney, and finding a perch on top of the curtain pole.

My immediate response was to call my Dad AGAIN and ask who one calls to remove crows from kitchens, at which point we embarked upon a ridiculous, needless conversation about whether it was a Jackdaw or a Crow, with my dad relaying between my mum and I.

In the end I decided I would have to go upstairs and get my neighbour to help me. He obliged by coming in, and poking it with a bamboo cane until it left its perch, and flew into the top shelf of a full height (10 ft) built in cupboard, where my Christmas decorations are kept.
More poking.
More flying, this time full pelt at the large window, and the lovely orchid my Mum got me for my birthday.
Then my neighbour managed to grab the Jackdaw (since we had decided that was what it was) and chuck it out the open window.

It then sat, rather dazed, in the back yard for about 20 minutes, until its mother/friend came down and started talking to it, and it seemed to wake up, and eventually fly off.

After which I resumed
a)sweeping up the soot it had propelled around the kitchen
b) taking cuttings from some plants out the front
c)looking for the cat
d) feeling rather rubbish/taking cold and flu tablets
e) went out for tapas.

Just another day in the life.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Oh my Gahd, SHOES.

Favours were asked to get these shoes, as Faith are in administration.
'mum, they have the shoes in Bristol, who do we know in Bristol?'
'M and M W live there, I could ask them...? '
'Really? I havn't seen them for like, ever... do you think they would?'
'I'm sure they would if I asked...'

a week later...they arrived.

a thank you letter has been sent.

Teeny tiny bit tight cross the balls of my feet, I'm thinking about stretching them with damp teatowels stuffed in, any other suggestions gratefully recieved. also still cnsidering the dyeing idea, my mums just not feeling the coloured shoes thing though.

favourite fonts.

I've attempted to start on the invitations.
For attempted read faffed around with fonts.
I think I have the finalists sorted now:
Aphrodite slim stylistic:

Ecuyer Dax:The first one is a paid one, which I took the plunge and bought the other week, because I couldn't find a scripty font that I liked as much for free, and I think that £11 isn't a bad price really. Ecuyer Dax is free, and I found it thanks to iDIY which I spent an evening trawling for ideas.

Aphrodite will be for our names, the guests names, and occasional flourishes, and Ecuyer Dax for all other text. I will have to find a simpler complimentary font for the text in the orders of service, as its a bit much to read the words of a hymn in fonts that fancy I think!

here's a sneaky peek of a trial run using both together...

I know what card and paper I'm going to use, and I have a few thoughts on design. The problem is really that the designs I love don't suit us or our wedding at all. modern, quirky designs with circus writing, and crazy illustrations, or worse, letterpress, which I have no hope of emulating!But I've had another idea this morning which I need to try out, so I'm not going to say anything else yet! oh the suspense... I bet none of you can wait!

Also thanks to Glasgow Bride for accidentally putting me back on the font trail, it was the kick up the bum I needed!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

RSVP words.

I've started fiddling about with the invitations, and while looking for RSVP wordings, I found this gem. I WISH I could have this wording:

Please take a moment to fill in the blanks:
____________! (Exclamation)
_____________ is/are ____________ to attend (Your name{s}) (able/unable)
There are ___________ people in our posse. (total number)
Kindly mail by June 16, 2006