Sunday, 27 June 2010

catch up.

The car's booked. the trims are chocolate brown rather than the black that appears:

its a 1936 rolls, beyond that please dont ask me, but i think its rather rare. The car was a source of procrastination for me for AGES. I had hoped to organise a gorgeous car from round the corner to transport us, but, well, it didn't work out. anyway, job done.
we've also sorted the 3rd umbrella (vitally important), organised a fascinator for mum, found material for the pocketsquares, ordered all the card for all the stationery, mostly made the map to go in the invitations, and then, because we did all this, we had to write a new list. booyah.
I'm not feeling wordy, can you tell? it rained here today, that focussed my mind enough to write this much. I think I have heat blindness. all we seem capable of eating are BBQ's. coming up soon, (for R's benefit mainly) the story of liberation, sheep, hills, and slate.


  1. Yay to getting things done!

    I had a rolls too; didnt know anything about it apart from the fact that it had a sun roof as it used to belong to Robert Maxwell!

  2. Very classy car, lovely! Glad you've managed to tick a lot off your 'to do' list.

  3. Oh dear, I don't want to be forcing you into writing. I was just making helpful suggestions in order to give you something to write about. ;)

    Liking the car!
    @Gaynor - love that random fact you probably won't remember anything about the car other than that!

  4. What a lovely car. And I'm with you on the barbecues, but then I love barbecues so this is not a problem...!

  5. lovely car- pleaserd your todo list ias looking good!

  6. The car is gorgeous! Very classic!!