Friday, 18 June 2010


I feel like I'm missing out not being on twitter, am I?

(Of course, you lot will all say yes, you're all on the damn thing!)

Just another way to waste my day, instead of climbing the insurmountable pile of things TO DO IN REALITY. ugh. what to do...


  1. bwahahahahaha (evil laughter) join us join us join us!
    hehehe, James is going to kill you! x

  2. I'm not on twitter yet either...but yes, have been considering!

  3. it is fun and a great way to find out things, I love seeing whats trending on there...

    it is another way to procrastinate though yes :)

  4. Join us!!

    Seriously you are missing out!

    One of us, one of us!

    I like it for updates from my fave politica types, feminist types, carfty types.

    Was fantastic over the elections. Found lots of new shops, blogs and places to go through twitter.

    I'd get tweetdeck, or another free program which splits the people you follow into columns, or you'll only ever see the addicted tweeters. I have a friends column, crafty people, political people etc.

    I love it

  6. You know my thoughts on the matter ;)

    Seriously though, stop thinking of it as a distraction. Twitter has been responsible for my last couple of major jobs and helping me make friends when I moved to a new city — as well as being an invaluable tool for finding interesting work and keeping up with other people. It's also a huge opportunity to promote yourself professionally, or to get attention to your side projects.

    A recent example: I recently launched a daft wee side project called The Geekest Drink, which is basically a glorified trip to the pub for web people in Newcastle. Our first event was a little 'impromptu' — we only launched 24 hours beforehand. Using Twitter we managed to get a whole table-full of likeminded folk there, most of who had never met each other!

    Basically, as everyone else has said... JOIN US!


    ps. I wrote an article about being new to Twitter when I was still getting my head round it... Not sure if it's any use to you!

  7. I'm not on twitter either. I find it hard just keeping up with facebook, blogging and real life. I think twitter might tip me over the edge....

  8. I have got Twitter but havn't been on since last year! You are limited to what you can say (not like here!) and I felt that the novelty wears off after a few weeks. But, oh well.