Sunday, 6 June 2010

favourite fonts.

I've attempted to start on the invitations.
For attempted read faffed around with fonts.
I think I have the finalists sorted now:
Aphrodite slim stylistic:

Ecuyer Dax:The first one is a paid one, which I took the plunge and bought the other week, because I couldn't find a scripty font that I liked as much for free, and I think that £11 isn't a bad price really. Ecuyer Dax is free, and I found it thanks to iDIY which I spent an evening trawling for ideas.

Aphrodite will be for our names, the guests names, and occasional flourishes, and Ecuyer Dax for all other text. I will have to find a simpler complimentary font for the text in the orders of service, as its a bit much to read the words of a hymn in fonts that fancy I think!

here's a sneaky peek of a trial run using both together...

I know what card and paper I'm going to use, and I have a few thoughts on design. The problem is really that the designs I love don't suit us or our wedding at all. modern, quirky designs with circus writing, and crazy illustrations, or worse, letterpress, which I have no hope of emulating!But I've had another idea this morning which I need to try out, so I'm not going to say anything else yet! oh the suspense... I bet none of you can wait!

Also thanks to Glasgow Bride for accidentally putting me back on the font trail, it was the kick up the bum I needed!


  1. Evilness! I want to see all options and especially the one that you end up going for. I reckon with your creative streak it will all tie together. You have fallen for beautiful stationery because it is the details that matter to you. Go for it!
    Oh sorry got a little sidetracked, I love those fonts and how they look together.

  2. you are funny my dear :) and thank you :)

  3. Classic and fabulous.

    As is your sneakiness!

  4. These fonts are lovely. I spent hours looking at thousands of fonts online and I got so confused. In the end I just picked one quite randomly and went with that. I love that you've used two different ones - I wish I'd thought of that. Too late for me now - my invitations are going in the post today! Hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep without dreaming of ribbons, fonts and stamps! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished invitations.

  5. It looks lovely!! Can't wait to see the final invite!!

  6. Oh, I love it! Gorgeous fonts, they look fantastic together - so elegant! I also love the handmade paper.

    (I've still not decided. May need a return kick up the bum.)

  7. Woop woop for Ecuyer Dax - it's my favourite font (yes, I have such a thing) and we used it for our invitations too!

  8. hello font twin :)

    glasgow bride, i will work on kicking you :)

  9. I think they are both great. And i love the way they look together.