Wednesday, 2 June 2010

RSVP words.

I've started fiddling about with the invitations, and while looking for RSVP wordings, I found this gem. I WISH I could have this wording:

Please take a moment to fill in the blanks:
____________! (Exclamation)
_____________ is/are ____________ to attend (Your name{s}) (able/unable)
There are ___________ people in our posse. (total number)
Kindly mail by June 16, 2006


  1. He he... I think it deserves a hell-yeah for the first blank ;)

  2. I'm rather tempted!

    I do wonder sometimes why I have rather straight laced friends!

  3. unfortunately there is just no way my family would even understand the meaning of the word posse, let alone find it amusing. And my parents would veto it immediately :(
    traditional is the name of the game for me.

  4. Could you do a special RSVP for friends who would get it??

    I love the "with bells on" idea from these invitations - would be seen as innapropriate by some of our guests so seriously considering 2 versions of the RSVP!

  5. What do people normally put for the Exclamation! part of the RSVP?

  6. @glasgow Bride, I am considering that, or at least on the evening invitations doing a more relaxed invitation altogether, that would allow for an amusing RSVP, but I just dont know if my parents will go for it, so I'll have to speak to them I think - they are inviting the guests as we're doing it fairly traditionally.
    I love those RSVP's, although I'm not sure how I'd feel if someone RSVP'd 'without bells'!

  7. @ anonymous, I have no idea, but I like conversation pieces idea of 'hell yeah!'

  8. I wanted to have

    Accept with pleasure
    Accept with regret
    Decline with regret
    Decline with pleasure

    But I worried that people wouldn't find it ironic and amusing. So we didn't bother. So now of course all I've had are comments about accepting with regret or declining with pleasure - there is just no pleasing some people!

  9. Oh I am so tempted to do different cards now! Although whilst I think my grandma would love it, I fear she may be the only one.