Friday, 1 October 2010


Several of you have asked how we made these beauties on here, and on twitter, and as they have only improved with time I thought it only right to share the recipe with you. I have it in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls family cookbook but he also did it in his 'autumn' tv series last year. I didn't add the beetroot (they were a tv addition for colour - we used food colouring) but theres no reason why you shouldn't. heres where to find the recipe. Its great fun, and it was in a book designed to be used by children with adult supervision so great for a rainy day.

p.s. when it says oil the knife, DO oil the knife. this mixture is like glue.


  1. I have that book :) Its great! So impressed that you made your own!

  2. yea so now I just need you to come and make them for me. I just need a veggie version please. Could we have the fudge recipe soon too.

  3. They look fab; I so have to try these at some point; maybe after the strawberry cheescake & green tea cupcakes G has requested!