Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I never told you about lovely bridesmaid and I taking an unplanned trip to 'liberate' some slate from the Lakes. because its a naughty thing to do.

We had gone out from the day to woolfest, yes, thats right, woolfest. next week I go to potfest, twice. its a crazy place, Cumbria. After we had dragged ourselves away from all the wool, we went for lunch at a pub that lovely bridesmaids sister manages, and realised that we were halfway to one of the places on my list of things to do which we were planning to come back to in a few weeks time. I love killing several birds with one stone!

After lunch, we set off on a further tour of the lake district, to one of the scariest rides my little car has ever done, via a tour of my bridesmaids own wedding day. I wasn't at this wedding, as we had lost touch at this point, but she got married in a beautiful tiny church nestled in between hills, with a reception in the village hall afterwards. They had photos taken in the nearby bluebells where her husband originally proposed, and more photos in (yes IN) the lake opposite. I had never been to any of these places before, and they were all on the way to our final destination of near car death, so we had a couple of stop offs in beautiful scenery.

the path up to the bluebells

Crummock water - I have a picture of her in the lake on a rock she stood on in her wedding dress!

Then we headed on to the place which shall remain nameless, but very steep. I should point out that my dear little car, is 11, was born in the fens (well, not born, its a hyundai, but you know, lived) and is still somewhat reticent to attempt a good hill. So just after stopping for a drink/icecream (us, not the car), to see a sign saying 20% INCLINE or something to that effect, struck terror into my heart. However, it pootled on up, and about halfway up we stopped for a 'wander'. While on this wander, we encountered sheep that look like rocks. They creep up behind you and listen to your conversations.

can you see the sheep? THERE ARE THREE.

Anyway, after much shenanigans, we managed to liberate enough slate for my table numbers. There was a point, near the top of the hill, where my car almost started rolling back down again, but it made it. The other side was far scarier,many more bends, and steeper inclines, but we made it.

When I got home that evening, I rang James, and said
'we did the scary hill' (obviously I said the real name)
'in first gear.'
cue much laughing from him, and later everyone in the pub I suspect, when he told them. Incidentally, everyone there just said I was 'tidying up' by taking a bit of slate. they do seem to have rather a lot...


  1. ohh what a fun adventure.. and how beautiful! so jealous of that amazing landscape. we don't have the problems of scary hill in Norfolk but I did get stuck going up one in Bath once.. we were heading to a wood and at one point I stopped going up and started to role back.. 1st gear is a blessing!
    ps I love slate and a little innocent liberation wont do any harm!

  2. I can only find two sheep!

  3. Ha ha! How this post tickled me. And yeay for the table numbers :)

  4. Gorgeous sceneries!! What a fun adventure although going up all those steep hills on first gear! Oh my... :P

  5. We love our slate table names and they are just a cut up roof slate - no adventure involved. What a great story. Why so funny for James?

  6. my car is amusing to him, and the hill was very steep. go find it!

  7. i only understand half of this post, wildernesslady.

    but what i do get, is pretty badass.

  8. What fun!! I love how the sheep sneak up on your there. It's going to be an amazing wedding. And I completely understand your fear about cars and hills.

  9. haha! brilliant story! its lovely that the things on your wedding day will have such a story to them.

  10. Aww poor Jess. I've named your car Jess by the way ever since you mentioned it looked like postman pat's van.

  11. he he! I'm so going to use the word 'liberate' for this kind of thing from now on... I usually use 'acquire' but liberate sounds much more positive ;)

  12. Sounds like a wonderful day and very useful too!

    I agree with conversationpieces that liberate is a fab word to use!

  13. I can only see two sheep and I LOVE that your table numbers are going to have a story behind them. Thats the stuff you'll remember in years to come. (obviously not so memorable if they get delivered second class by royal mail)