Monday, 26 July 2010

speeding along.

Firstly, thank you for your lovely reactions to my previous posts, I had been putting off telling you all about the house for a while, but I needn't have worried!

I had a moment on the way home today, where I realised that 3 months is NOTVERYLONGATALL, even less when you consider that its now less than 3 months, and even less still when you consider that we are about to move.

However, most of the things left to do are choices rather than necessities. Our banns have been read, (no objections, yay!) the rings are here, and the church/reception is booked.

RSVP's have started rolling in to my parents, which is very exciting!

We have started booking the travel arrangements to our honeymoon - we are going completely by train so we had to wait til 3 months before to book any of the journeying. We are both really looking forward to a good rest after everything, this hasn't been a particularly stressful wedding to plan, but when in conjunction with everything else happening around us, we are slowly becoming mentally (me) and physically (James) exhausted and are VERY ready for the break!

We even sorted the bridesmaids shoes the other week, so now we can all walk to the church, properly shod. Phew!

On the list of things I still want to do/have just done but are not necessary to render us married but make me happy:

James kindly mended a very cheap velvet covered jewellery box for me the other day, to keep our rings in, and he managed to do it without pulling that, 'you want me to do WHAT? WHY' face that tends to come with blog induced ideas. its the maroon velvet thing the rings are standing on in one of my previous posts.

I want to make the bridesmaids little clutch bags. I think I mentioned this before, maybe not, but its my main source of procrastination at the moment. I've done the trial run, which is going to be my bag, in the hope that the other 3 will be near identical, and better than the first. This, I have justified not only by thinking that bags are useful, but it teaches me the new skill of fitting those metal purse frames.

Having a jacket fitting this week, I'm having a little bolero jacket made in the same material as the dress.

Still collecting jam jars for the favours, getting there, I'm eating a lot of Greek yoghurt and honey as the honey comes in perfect jars!

There are lots of other little bits and bobs to do, but the main bits are coming together. As my mother keeps saying when I tell her about another thing slots into place, 'its all dovetailing!' (very old obscure darling buds of may reference - we are odd people, my mum and I)

On the other hand, health and safety have pissed on my bonfire with regards to some of the flowers in the church. Apparently we are now not allowed to put anything on the windowledges, where we were going to put vases of gypsophilia. However, there are other places in the church where we can put them, and we will still have the wicker hearts hanging off the pew ends. Having also been told that the church do not do wedding flowers, I was then told that people do pay to have the flowers done on a specific week at the altar, for example in memory of someone, and someone is doing just that on the weekend of our wedding, which saves us about £90 for a pedestal at the altar. So between that and the vases issue I can only assume that some greater power than me is determined that we don't waste too much money of flowers, which will only die in the end, and get seen by us for even less time!

When Mum comes across for my jacket fitting this week we are going to try and get into the church to have a look at what we can do instead, so I'll maybe have more on that later in the week.


  1. Oh how I miss the darling buds of may!

    You go girl. Just keep going!

    I wish Bean would be as helpful, I still don't think he realises ours is soon too!

  2. James started a countdown when we hit 3 months, he can do it in days/weeks/hours on command I think. creepy. aside from the ring box though thees not been much to help with, and most of it has been left to me because he's so busy with the houses.

  3. It sounds like you are making such good progress and getting to the little, not totally important, but fun things. As long as they keep making you happy, keep doing them! And I would love to get a handmade purse as a bridesmaid's gift. How thoughtful!

  4. The little things are sometimes the most fun so it's really exciting that you've got to 3 months out already and all that's left are the small extra details. Lovely hearing all about it too. Good luck with the bags.

  5. 3 months isn't long.. I've now got 17 days and am freaking out!

    bags sound wonderful.. can't decide what to give my ladies.. ekkk must pick quickly!

  6. It's weird but I've been quite nervous since we hit our 3 months mark... just feel like things to do are piling up and we've not had time for them.

    The handmade bags sound delightful and that's awesome with the flowers!

  7. Eeeek I can't wait for the next 3 months to go by. Sounds like everything is under control. Jacket fitting what is this about? Surely not a detail that has passed me by?