Thursday, 19 August 2010


Sorry I've been away lovelies, life got in the way for a while. In fact, it still is really, but I wanted to tell you that I'm still alive. Huzzah, I hear you cry!

We are now split between two houses, with the i- laws spare room taken over by boxes of our things, and the flat we are still currently in is well, awful. There are piles of things everywhere, more sofas than I care to imagine, and I can only comfort myself with the fact that many of the cupboards are actually empty, so there isn't too much hidden stuff to pack.

I'm not sure that I've done much wedding stuff recently, since the invitations went out its been rather quiet on the western front, which has given me some time to pack and sort the house out without feeling too pressured by the impending nuptials. I have however, felt slightly concerned by the wedding playlists, which until now, have not been started.Please, if you did this, and it took ages, don't tell me. I have two months, and as we speak, songs are going into my itunes. We were held up by the fact that although we have 3 computers in the house, I didn't have one I could start making them on.

1 is ancient, and although its what I currently run our ipods from, it takes about half an hour to import a CD into itunes on there.
2 is actually James business computer, so I didn't want to put our entire music collection onto that,
and 3, the laptop which I use most of the time was in computer hospital with the best man until the other day. it is now, very much alive and kicking, upgraded to windows 7, and some extra ram is on its way, so I'm importing every CD we own. I may yet regret it.

I did however, have quite an eventful dress appt the other week, which resulted in a quick cancellation of the original order (quite within the rules if it hasn't been started, and no deposit lost because lovely dress lady kept refusing to take one off me) and she's selling me the sample one instead. at a rather nicely reduced cost :) I am aware that in ethical terms this probably makes me somewhat hypocritical, since I was dead set on having a dress made from organic silk, but given the saving, I think I would be possibly the MOST awful daughter ever to walk the earth if I had still asked my Mum to pay the original amount. (to her credit, she did not try to sway me one way or the other, she just kept playing with the dress ladies 5month old daughter who was sitting on her lap.) Fine, if I was paying it myself, I would feel free to choose which I wanted the most, but for one day, I think I would still be hard pressed to choose to have a new dress made, when I can in some way, recycle the ready made one.

She's also making a toile of the jacket shes making me, and I'm going back soon to try that on, its going to be 3 quarter length sleeves, with a slight pouf at the ends, a crumply sort of collar and an inverted pleat at the back so that I have plenty extra material to hug with!

I've got nearly all the bridesmaids jewellery presents now, so I'll pop all of that up when I have enough money to buy the last piece,and my Mum gets her fascinator tomorrow which was being made for her by the lovely Sara Gadd. The jam jar collection is going well, I'm into the 20's now, and I discovered the other day that the person we got all those plums from last year has been hoarding 5 bags for me in her freezer for a year now, which I apparently knew about, so I won't hardly need to buy any plums to make the jam either, which is a bonus!

I still need to make the bridesmaids clutch bags (procrastination, much?) clean the slate, cut the corks so that they will hold place names, wait til the vicars back to confirm readings and hymns and then make orders of service, and go to the venue and choose a menu and then print said menus. oh, and make pocket squares for the men, a cake topper, sort out the church flowers (all change since health and safety said nothing on the frigging windowledges, and we can't get in the church to look around on a weekday since all the people are on holiday)I'm sure there's plenty else I haven't yet done, but I won't dwell on that!

Surprisingly I feel quite calm, even after writing that massive list, presumably because
a) the house move is more pressing
b) if I don't do any of those, no-one will care, or probably even notice.
Its only me that will know, and that's why I'm still intending to do them, because I know I will be really satisfied with myself if I do. Because while getting married really has nothing to do with what your bouquet is tied up with, and where the flowers are, I know that completing a set of tasks, and learning new skills gives me a sense of accomplishment that I will carry with me, and will give me more confidence with other tasks in the future. And to me that's worth something.


  1. We're also doing the ipod thing and its not been too bad especially if you break it into chunks.

    I'd suggest checking out the flashdance mixes you can download for inspiration, there's loads of good tunes you wouldn't think of.

  2. HUZZAH!!!

    We've managed to gather an embarrassing single jar for you. Highlighted the fact that we don't actually use anything in jars.

  3. We have just finished our ipod playlist for our wedding next week, you have ages don't worry! We used Spotify so you don't have to buy all the music if you dont want to.

    You can share your lists as well with other people who you might want to help you choose.

    Ooh and you can also divide the list up into different sections like drinkys/meal/dancing so you can see how much music you have for each slot and choose your songs accordingly.

    Im a little bit in love with the concept, can you tell?!

    Lucy x

  4. Ipod playlist for our wedding = two crazy people that left it till 11pm the night before the wedding. Two months is AGES - you'll be fine!

    Best of luck with all the packing/moving.

    That's great about the dress. At least you know you love that one - sometimes another made the same is not quite the same!

  5. Mrs T: although not great for you, that was the best confidence boost you could have given me :) seriously, the night before?!?!

  6. Hello!

    Busy girl!

    Ah iTunes lists are fun! The arguments, sorry disagreements, are interesting!

  7. Busy lady! You'll be fine, small chunks at a time.

    P.S I could save some jars for you and get them to you if I visit home before your wedding? Let me know if you still need any.