Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Its just a day.

I started thinking about this wedding the way I suppose a lot of people do, I was very excited (obviously), enjoyed telling people, and getting cards in return, and then I started buying wedding magazines.
I've cured this addiction now, but it was strong for a while. I love magazines, I buy home magazines all the time to rip up and put into a scrapbook I keep about decorating. (I'm a tiny bit anal). I did the same with the wedding magazines, I keep a binder folder for the wedding, all that stuff. Actually the binder folder now lives in a box with all the bits and bobs I've started buying, all the catalogues for hiring suits you get given that are too big for said folder. to be fair, some of it did help, it was lovely too see all the pictures of other peoples weddings, all the gorgeous, ridiculous dresses, and the out of this world locations. but then one day I went to buy some more magazines, and nothing in them interested me. I got a bit sick of the picture perfect days in the bluebells and unlimited budgets.
What these magazines dont tell you, and what all these lovely bloggers DO say, is that its JUST A DAY. Yes, it probably will be the best day of your lives, but thats because you're going to stand up in front of everyone you love, and say that you're going to be with this one person for the rest of your life. It should be about celebrating you, your partner, and your love for each other. It was this blog in particular that I spent a weekend reading, and that I love for making me think. I'm trying to let go of worry, and just enjoy everything.

I'm sure worry will come, in fact its a certainty, but ITS JUST A DAY.


  1. Well it sounds like you've got the wedding planning mindset figured out!

    I would definitely recommend the 'wedding crap box' method. Wedding stuff has a nasty habit of multiplying and taking over the coffee table. The the dining room table, then the kitchen side.It's like ever-expanding pink ooze!

    Good luck.

  2. hahaha yeah, my house was like that for a while :) I've been buying ribbon today, thats joined the fabric on the coffee table. can't quite bear to put newly bought things straight in a box :(
    thank you for reading!