Thursday, 25 June 2009

sweet peas and other stories.

I looked out of the kitchen window this morning to see this, my first sweet pea of the summer. Theyre a trailing variety (so far not really living up to their name, but I still have hope...) and I love the colour!

pincushion by feltmates

I should not be allowed on etsy. how cute is this pincushion? feltmates does tape measures held in cute felted animals too. they are just adorable. I really need to get back on my loom. Its also seriously tempting to try and do a whole christmas from etsy.

I also found some lovely tan leather mary janes in M&S yesterday. can't afford them, but i sooooooo want them. I never wear heels (I'm size 8 wide fit, finding anything to fit is a nightmare. I'm also 5'11", I don't need heels) but these were comfy and yummy. Oh I want them. I also found a really nice pearl strand bracelet in there that really wasn't expensive, I'm thinking I might get it as a bridesmaids present. I'd put photos here, but I can't get them from the M&S website, for fairly obvious reasons I suppose.

On a slightly more weddingy note, the lace envelopes I posted about yesterday from etsy, she'd posted how to make them on her blog, so I might just cheat. I feel a bit mean, but then maybe she shouldn't link to her blog on her etsy page? turns out, (probably obviously to all you savvy ladies) that they're just folded doilies. appropriately heart shaped doilies seem to make the nicest shaped envelopes, but for some reason no-where in carlisle seems to sell the damn things. I've also found a vogue pattern that looks like it makes some nice clutch bags, which i thought I might try as a present for the bridesmaids (again - aren't they lucky things?), so I'll order that when I get some money.

pattern: here

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