Friday, 17 July 2009

hydrangea update #2

The slowest, most boring update in the world, but I started so I'll finish. One bush is now almost entirely open. And oddly, two different shades. this photo, both heads are on the same bush, some a vivid electric blue, while some are lilac.

Unfortunately (for the wedding, not for the garden) some of the bushes seem to be lacecap hydrangeas, like the one below. pretty, but not useful.
So thats where I'm at. that and lusting after crazy cat ladys pinky red hydrangeas over the road. Now I'm on decent terms with her (she was feeding my cats for quite a while, even once she knew they weren't strays - I'm stupidly protective of my boys) I'm considering asking her if I can dead head her hydrangeas later in the year. last year they went an amazing red colour.
Mainly I'm just posting this so I can show of the pretty photos the new camera is capable of taking! I know no-one except me cares about the hydrangeas...honest...

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