Monday, 10 August 2009


I've been contemplating the centrepieces for the wedding again for the last few days. I should admit that this is largely due to the hydrangeas not drying the way I need them to so far :(. I saw this harvest bowl one a while ago, and its taken me the best part of a day to find it again. Its not quite how I remember it, but I think the colours are lovely. I can't let go of the candle idea, Crosby Lodge is quite ornate in its country hotel way, and I don't think it needs much decoration, but I believe the owner often lights the candles in the dining rooms in the colder months, so to have a candle on each table too would be lovely. Plus the dining room there is red :)

bowl centrepiece: a practical wedding candle centrepiece: pink street

These were my own thoughts on centrepieces, I might add, made from things I had lying around at home so they would look better than this!

I have to say I really like the chillies, what do you think?


  1. I really like the red berry version!

  2. I love the chillies too, they look amazing. Have you though about adding some long sprigs of twiggy things (cant think what they are called, sorry)They have little fluffy bits on the ends and look great in small bunches. These with the chillies would look great. X

  3. I love the idea of candles, the berries are great!

    There are some great ideas for diy centrepieces here: . This blog is awesome for ideas too . Ornate coloured glass votive holders would be pretty as well :D

  4. Gorgeous! I love dried chillies as decoration, they're so pretty.