Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Fruit picker extraordinaire

The last few days we've taken advantage of a tiny bit of sunshine to get some fruit. I brought back apples from my parents, then we went and helped our friends take all the plums (hence some green ones - apparently they can still be used, the wasps were getting them and they were getting blown off the tree) off their tree - they got about 4 more baskets themselves, and it isn't a big tree! Then last night we went out with the same friends to a field beyond their house, and picked blackberries and sloes. A bumper harvest I think you'll agree! We've got ideas of what to do with it all, plum jam/plum chutney (james has ideas of a plum alcohol too), blackberry jam, sloe liqueur, cider/juice, and crumbles galore! If any of the recipes work i'll post them. I'm blaming it on Fay, I wanted to do plum jam as favours anyway, she just showed me how easy it is. So this will be my practice run :S !


  1. Wow! That is a haul and a half. And it should definitely keep you busy. Look forward to seeing some of the end results.

  2. Oh my. That is a mouthwatering photo.

  3. I could cope with a blackberry crumble if you have a chance!!

  4. Wow wow wow wow what a harvest! have you ever read Mrs Beeton's jams and preserves recipe book? She has lots of traditional methods for turning UK crops into yummy things. The book is on amazon but you probably want to see the recipes before then. Aha! I've just found this chapter of her book of household management for you if you are interested: there are recipes here including one for plum jam.

    Thank you so much for the mention in your blog! One year I made a plum syrup that I mixed with vokda to make a rather delicious plum cocktail. It was easy peasy, mixed sugar and plums cut up very finely, simmered it for a while then strained the mixture.

    Good luck, I await posts on your sucesses!