Tuesday, 22 September 2009

10 things...

1 - I'm scared of the dark. very very stupidly scared, so scared that I will bolt along a corridor and slam a door behind me to be safely into the light. Its something I really need to get over before I have children!

2 - We finished our second times jumbo crossword this weekend, and we were very chuffed :)

3 - the sound of music is one of my favourite films, although I also love to many others to recount here.

4 - We have a growing collection of ceramics and bowls ( in many cases ceramic bowls) around the house, all of which I love.

5 - I love cooking and baking, I made the chocolate cake that dreams are made of last night, I may post about it later. I love Italian food, one of my favourites is a very simple mozzarella, beef tomato and olive oil salad. it makes my mouth water just thinking of eating that somewhere on a lovely piazza in Italy.

6 - When we go on holiday I like to get photos of the city we're in from the highest most interesting points possible, even though I hate heights. Rome - the Vatican dome; Portugal - a camera obscura in a converted water tower; Edinburgh - the Scott monument. (ideas for future viewpoints welcome)

7 - I love my cats like they are my babies. I understand that's weird to some people , but until I have children, these boys are mine.

8 - I am an only child, but always wanted to be a twin.

9 - I am convinced I will cry my way through my wedding. I am convinced of this mainly because I cry every time I imagine it. that's a fairly big clue I think.

10 - I love sarcasm a bit too much.

I'll pass this onto:
Mrs ER at Eden Rose
Rosalie at Rosalie tinted
and you get to tell us all what your random ten things are :)
p.s. I've not passed it onto many people because I've not many in my reader and I don't want to keep giving the same people awards every time I get them. I'll have to expand my reading repertoire I think!


  1. Well done on the crossword that is an achievement... it's funny how doing things like that can make you feel like a mensa member! (Well that's how it is for me!)

  2. I love cats too!! And dogs, but I want a cat now more. We don't have the time for one now so maybe one day. What kind of cats do you have??

  3. ours are just moggles from rescues, not brothers, we got them at different times but they get on very well now. I love mine to pieces, even though we got home tonight and found bird feathers all over the kitchen...but mysteriously no bird.
    theres a post a little way back called 'almost forgot' that has a photo of them in.

  4. I love my cats, and I AM a twin!
    plus I like ceramics too :)
    x Pepper