Thursday, 10 September 2009

the dress.

Well I said I would so I will. but I wanted to show you pictures, and I really can't find many that will allow me to put them on here. If any of you have some secret resource for getting these pictures please tell me... So you will have to, for the large part, imagine the dresses I'm talking about until I buy one and have a fitting!

Back to the beginning:

Pretty much as soon as I started looking in magazines when I got engaged, (and before I found you, my lovely blogging friends) I was picking out fairly particular styles. Slight fishtail, straps, lace, and pleating/ruching. And I wanted a little bolero jacket for the church service, because I'm getting married in October, and I'm a comfort over looks sort of girl. I've only visited one shop throughout this shopping process. Some of you may find that silly or naive, but I was recommended this shop by several people before my first visit, and she has been wonderful every time I've been to see her, so I've felt no need to look any further. I've tried an A-line dress, which showed me that I don't want to create a big personal space around me which I have to look after for the day; I tried on the most beautiful lacy Lusan Mandongus dress which showed me that while I adore lace dresses, I need something which distracts from my stomach; I've tried on a dress with straps that shows me I need strapless despite never wearing strapless ever before; I've tried dresses with beading that showed me I hate bling.

At this point I should mention that it was my intention to have a dress made. I mean custom made. My reasons for sounding poncy like this are to do with my dissertation. By no means do I claim to be the be all and end all on this subject, and there are (as I've found out since my dissertation) two sides to every story. However, my dressmaker had a sample book of organic silks, in which there was one which seems perfect for what we wanted. So when I was trying on dresses, it was with a view to picking my favourite bits and having one made in that.

Time and time again though, we kept going back to the same dress. Strapless, fishtailed (but not in a slutty way), ruched across my chest and stomach, and not too big a train, the dress is beautiful. I love it. its this one.

beautiful dress: Suzanne Neville

this story of pretty dresses isn't over. But I'm not going to finish it now for you either. I've not sealed the deal, made the final decisions, and signed on the dotted line to anything yet, and I don't like writing on here that I'm doing one thing, and I end up backtracking and doing another. So... to be continued...

P.S. I hope you like it...


  1. Lovely lovely dress.

    I had the same thing - went shopping for my dress saying i wanted straps but once I had tried some on they looked rubbish so I got strapless, despite also never ever wearing it before! Agree about the bolero too, I have gone over my budget getting one made in the same tulle / lace as the bodice of my dress. I have gone for a-line though!

    Cant wait to hear the rest of the story - dress shopping was my favourite part so far and I love hearing about other peoples experiences.

  2. How exciting indeed, it must feel magic to be having a custom-made dress. I'm interested in how your dissertation has influenced your decision...what did you write it on? Can't wait to hear how the dress story progresses!

  3. Fay, my dissertation was on eco textiles, in fact Hannah is reading it at the moment. I started writing a whole long thing about it in this post but it all just went a bit off wedding and I'm conscious that I don't know everything there is to know on the subject, and that it was my first weddingy post in ages, so I cut it shorter.

  4. Love the dress, very classic and timeless. Enjoying the wedding posts, cant wait to see the actual dress!! x

  5. It is a beautiful dress - simple yet lots to interest the eye.

  6. That dress is gorgeous! I found the US sites to be really useful in searching for dresses. You probably already used them but I've been browsing and a lot for that!!