Friday, 27 November 2009

another real veil.

I was hopping through a few blogs this morning and I came across this photo. It was the suitcase that first got me (I really might have to do that!) and then I realised that the post was about the veil, because I was on the blog of the maker of the veil! For anyone who's thinking about wearing a veil, or wondering if you can wear one at all, have a look at this blog. I've only looked through two pages so far but theres been some great advice given out on there on practical ways to wear types of veils, and inspiration for different styles. And while you're at it, have a look at the rest of this gorgeous brides wedding here.

I hope you both don't mind me posting about you, but your wedding (Liz), and your veils (Melanie) are gorgeous! that last link will take you to one little doves etsy shop of veils and fascinators. enjoy!


  1. oooo! veils! i adore them.

    the only thing my mum bought for her wedding day was her veil, everything else was borrowed, and she's kept it in a box in the loft for all these years.
    i'm going to be wearing it on my wedding day now. i'm so proud!

    have you decided on your veil yet? when are you getting married?

  2. oh thats so sweet! I'm thinking about a bubble/birdcage veil, though I want to try one on to see, and october 16th next year :)