Tuesday, 10 November 2009

it never rains but it pours...

I've been given this lovely award by Fay of Dreaming of an aga

I get to answer all these quickfire questions about myself, and then pass it on to other people that I'd like to find out more about. Here goes...
1. Your hair: annoys me, I have a cow lick right where a big chunky side fringe should sit.
2. Where is your cell phone : in my pocket. always.
3. Your father: is hyperactive, and a perpetual child. also very practical.
4. Your mother: is tired from moving.
5. Your favorite food: oooh too difficult to pick one. I'm a sucker for a good pudding though...
6. Your dream from last night: don't think I had one.
7. Your favorite drink: orange juice.not squash, juice.
8. Your dream/goal: to make money from selling my textiles. actually, my dream right now should be to actually start making those textiles. one thing at a time!
9. What room are you in: the living room.
10. What is your hobby: ummm, not sure? my weaving isn't really a hobby...maybe currently, its making pompoms?!
11. What is your fear: I have a perpetual fear of falling down stairs, or tripping up in the street. apart from that, losing someone I love, including the cats, or the fear that I'll never do anything with my damned degree!
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: ummmm, married, hopefully have a child, or two ;) and at least the start of a business?
13. Where were you last night: at home, homemade pizza for dinner, and James listening to David Gray on repeat while I did christmas shopping online.
14. Something you are not: standing up for myself. I will argue a point in my head, but I go to pieces in person.
15. Muffins: are nice...
16. Wish list items: currently, navy blue tights that fit me, more dresses, a house elf to sort the bedroom, and a 25th hour in the day.
17. Where did you grow up: Helpston. near Peterborough.
18. Last thing you did: went to a farm shop just out of town, because theres a quilting shop there. spent a bit much on fabric I have no need of.
What are you wearing: teal stripe jumper and my howies jeans.
19. Your TV: Spooks :), bbc breakfast, and most things on Dave.
20. Your pets: 2 cats. Benny (named after the pope - don't ask - all black, clumsy but elegant), and Louis (we just liked the name, I pretend its de Bernieres, black with white paws and bib, small, disobedient and stupid)
21. Your friends: are few but lovely. I know many many people, but theres only a couple I'd turn to for comfort.
22. Your life: is quite good really. seems all mapped out at the moment, which I don't mind, I like plans and lists.
23. Your mood:meh. I should be less meh, and more yay, I'm just not always good at being on my own.
24. Missing someone: my Grandpa, I wish he could have seen me through college and to get married. but I think he's watching still.
25. Vehicle: a hyundai atoz, the ones that look like postman pat vans. in fact I should sit louis on the parcel shelf and wear a blue cap. Its moved my house for me twice, without aid of a van, and gets me from A-B no problem, so I can't complain.
26. Something you're not wearing: earrings. it makes me feel underdressed not to have jewellery on, I'l have to go find some.
27. Your favorite store: for what?! I'm loving M&S at the mo, but I don't think their homewares are that great shakes. I love accessorize, I wear mostly Laura ashley because I get clothes for uniform (yes, I work there), I get my veg from the market, my meat from the butchers, my food from morrisons but I can't wait for the sainsburys to open, and I like independant shops for gifts and originality.
28. Your favorite color: oooh toughie. I'm wearing a lot of purple at the moment, but I love teal too. jewel shades really.
29. When's the last time you laughed: I think it was at bill bailey on bbc breakfast.
30. When's the last time you cried: I cry too much, but probably the last time was the night before my parents moved, when I realised Helpston wasn't home anymore.
31. Your best friend: is lovely :)
32. One place you go over and over: home, carlisle home. ma-in-laws house, because its about 2 minutes away, and the vets!
33. One person who emails me regularly: amazon!
34. Favorite place to eat: casa romana in town. its not amazing, but its familiar and cheap.

and I also got given this brilliant award from Kristy at I'm gonna marry you someday

Its from Brazil, and means your blog is super cute. which is just too sweet.

so Ill just pass this double bundle on to a few supercute people who I want to know more about!


Eden Rose

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I'd have passed it onto more of you but you all seem to have just had it! you know I think you're all super cute! anyway, enjoy...


  1. Congrats on your awards, I love your answers :)

  2. Thank you, I think you're super cute too!

  3. Congrats and thank you!

    My made of honors favorite color is purple :)

  4. sorry laura, i totally forgot to come and tell any of you that I'd passed these on to you didn't I! whoops...

  5. I've enjoyed reading your blog and the questions you answered about yourself. It is nice to get to know you a little bit more like that. And good luck with designing and selling your textiles!