Thursday, 14 January 2010

ebay arrivals

Well aren't you a lovely lot :) thank you for your comments about my poor confused little mind yesterday! I feel a little less confused today, although i had a rubbish day at work, it is a day off for me tomorrow, so there's my silver lining I guess.

Some little things to show you, that arrived in the post last week in various packages, were the results of 'what happens when you spend new years day on EBAY'. Bad, bad Becca. But you know how sometimes things are photographed really well on there, and then turn up crap? nu-uh. I love all of this. Particularly the two at the bottom. I have plans for it all, the cake topper, aisle decorations (did I ever mention this before? oh well, either way, its changed and there's a post a-coming), some dress making, not of the wedding variety! and yes, that is veiling you can see at the back there, i might have a go at a little birdcage veil, if only to see whether I like the idea or not, before splashing out on a proper one!

Its all lovely in real life, I know the photo doesn't show it, do you have any idea how hard it is to light a photo at 8pm in the winter?! There's one more parcel to arrive from eBay, but its not lacy in any way so I think it can wait, it is coming from America too...


  1. bless ebay. i used to shop all the time for Robbie Williams stuff, cos i couldn't (and still can't) get it here in the US. lol also- vintage clothes that would end up not fitting me haha oh but i love ebay still.

    now all my $ goes to etsy :)

    i can't wait to see your wonderful creations with these lovely pieces. xoxo

  2. Love getting packages from ebay. It's the best. Good luck with the birdcage veil making - I bought veiling too and tried to make one - but it did not turn out. Hope you are more talented!