Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Catching up.

I'm not going to apologise again for not being here, it is after all, my prerogative. I've been busy, when I'm not working selling a shocking amount of wallpaper to customers, I've been making various things to sell. My friend is opening a shop in just over a week, and I'm putting some bits in to try and sell. So here is the last few weeks in work and pictures:

Pinnys made from linen, and recycled fabrics from charity shops. in the above case an embroidered lace edged traycloth, below, a mans shirt!

Mini production lines to make more of those sewing kits, here needle books...

and here cupcakes:
(Its amazing how much quicker it is to make things if you do it in a production line. I don't understand why, the cupcakes do proportionally take hours, but it must be something to do with getting into a rhythm or something)

this sewing machine foot has saved my life the last few weeks - I love rolled hems.
Winding shuttles full of wool with a battery drill, ready to weave on my loom. (Ill post a picture soon R!)

So there we have it. That's my last 3 weeks in pictures, and now I'm giving myself some time off work to hoover and iron and sleep and eat.


  1. Yea pictures, been dying to get in front of a proper computer screen (instead of my phone) so I can see them properly and comment. Loving the recycling aspect. Have to admit the cupcakes don't look quite so cute in production as I know the finished product will. No wonder you are exhausted woman could you not swap the ironing for a hot bath instead? x

  2. oh wow! Im currently researching s similar endeavor- very excited for you indeed. and glad your back- and hope your feeling rested.