Saturday, 17 April 2010

6 months out, 1 year older.

I fully intended to post this yesterday at some point, and then failed. oh well, if you can't fail on your birthday, when can you?

yesterday, I hurtled not only into my 26th year of being, but also headlong into my 6 month pre-versary for wifedom (yes, those are words - it was my birthday don't argue with me). For my birthday, I got a hell of a lot of milk tray, and flowers. 3 vases worth to be precise! I also got a subscription to country living and selvedge magazines too. reading for a year! :)

as a 'celebration' of the 6 month marker, lovely bridesmaid decided it was high time we re wrote the list of doom, as I wasn't completing things on it anymore, and more needed to be added. We split most of the points up so that it is easier for me to tick things off the list (procrastination in its truest form!) so now, instead of there being 'Rings', it is divided into 4 points: ' 1-order James samples, 2- Order James ring, 3- decide on my design, 4- and order my ring'. simples. or mental however you want to look at it! Obviously it works though, as I've already done one thing on the list.

And then, just because I like laying things out and sorting them, I unpacked my boxes of wedding paraphernalia, and laid them out on the floor. GEEK.
there are:
2 umbrellas (I'm trying the find the 3rd one still), doily envelopes, 11 bowls, 7 vases, lots of lace, 13 candles, 4 hankies, 3 fat quarters, 1photo album, 7 jamjars, 12 wicker hearts, and 8 ties.
so at 6 months to go, we have:
venue: booked
church:booked, and cousin as organist, and aunt saying final prayers, and friends for readings chosen, although no readings yet!
florist: booked, vases for church, bought( - 1), pew end decorations, bought.
photographer: PEONIES!
dress: ordered
bridesmaids:chosen, dresses bought, shoes nearly there, clutch bags, about to be made. jewellery, in progress
men: chosen, outfits booked and paid, ties bought.
table centres: bought, just need dried stuff to sit in them.
mother of the bride outfit: bought, just need fascinator
cake: sister in law making, fruit/Madeira/chocolate
cakestand: in progress, a friend making me a ceramic one.
hairdresser: found, booking trials for mum and lovely bridesmaid in the summer.
there's probably other things I've done, of far less importance, but I can't remember them now!
p.s. can you tell lists are calming me at the moment?!


  1. If you booked Peonies to shoot your wedding you're set. I mean...what else do you *really* have to do?

  2. I laid out my stuff once a week for 6 months before the wedding, and took photos. It shows your progress and you can check everything matches!

  3. thanks ESB :) thats pretty much what I thought when I booked them too!

  4. Love it! Congrats on all your milestones, looking forward to journeying the next 6 months with you!

  5. Wow! I loved reading that post- listomania! Congratulataions- that is A LOT os stuff done!

  6. I love ticking things off lists - so breaking yours down into smaller chunks will make it better. Feels good to feel like you're getting ahead.

    Oh and happy birthday!

  7. Hey birthday girl sorry I'm late to the party - is there any milk tray left? I need to re-do the to-do list. I also add some things to the list that I've already done simply for the enjoyment of ticking them off (sad eh).

  8. I knew you were a woman of good taste from all the bits you've chosen so far, and then... Peonies? Aw man. Beautiful much.

    But I remember that phase of planniing. I found lists most comforting! Looks like you're doing well.

    Happy belated birthday!! xx

  9. thank you all of you! :)
    and yes, spare thoughts, i would add things to the list to tick them off, but her handwriting is so darn nice i feel like I'm messing it up!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I'm looking at your 'geek' laying out of the stuff in awe here... wondering if I'll ever be that organised! At the moment it seems unlikely considering we've just given up our soft date for our fav place... :/