Thursday, 8 July 2010


I had me a makeup trial today in boots.
To clarify, until this morning, I did not own makeup. any makeup.
When it comes to the wedding, my bridesmaid will be doing my makeup, but we had a trial at a beauty counter to get the right colours and products for me. At the age of 26 I decided it was maybe time to own some makeup of my own. We went to the clinique counter, for a full consultation (£30 redeemable against anything you buy - call me a sucker if you want, I need all the help I can get!) and this is the end result:

and thats all semblance of anonymity gone, right there.
maybe it doesnt look like much, I dont know, but then we wanted it to look natural. I've bought foundation and lip pencil for now, they didn't have the colour lipstick we used in the trial for now, but I'll go back and get that too, but the eye colour stuff we'll probably buy other stuff thats cheaper.
be gentle!


  1. Hey there pretty lady. I wish I could get away without ever wearing make up! But bad skin and low self-esteem means it isn't possible. I'm not entirely convinced by the eye-liner, it might just be that photo, but it seems to make your eyes look smaller than they are.
    Bye-bye anonymity ;P

  2. odd, in real life they look bigger than normal, maybe its just cos I was outside and squinting a little. I wasn't convinced my the texture of it, it was a pencil, maybe liquid eyeliner would have been better.

  3. Well hello pretty lady!

    I have absolutely no idea with make up. However I would say go a little darker on the eyes if you are going natural with lips. But what do I know!

  4. Did they put foundation on you? It sort of looks like they did. Or powder (or maybe it's all the lighting and you can disregard my next sentence). I'd say you could probably use a slighter lighter application of foundation. Otherwise I think it looks great!

    I wear very, very little makeup in every day life myself. Generally, I think natural beauty looks better. I'll just knock it up a wee touch for the actual wedding.

  5. yes there was a liquid foundation on, I might go slightly lighter on it on the day, but having worn that to work for the rest of the day, my t-zone did not get at all oily which it usually would, which is good to know for the photos.

  6. Oh you're so pretty!

    I'm stupidly girly at times and do like a bit of make up. Although these days I don't wear much what with baby nipping at my heels.

    If you want to make your foundation a bit lighter and give the look of 'glowy' on the day (although you will naturally be I'm sure) then Mac strobe cream is excellent. One of my faves. Mac store assistants are really helpful too and will normally show you how to apply for free.

    To be honest on my wedding day I forgot most of the make up I bought and didn't care. I was too busy having fun! x

  7. Oh I love the natural look.. I think your eyes look pritty.. I can just about see it.. you could go a little heavier but I think subtle is beautiful and if your not used to make up you'll just feel wrong on your wedding if you wear too much.

    I'm having a tryout tomorrow.. typically my skin has decided to resemble that of a 13 year old boy but as mum says at least they'll be able to show me how to cover them up if it happens on the day. hey ho..

  8. Eeeps, so lovely to see you! I love the fact that you're trying to be you on your wedding day, not falling to pressure to buy loads of expensive make-up you won't use. I say stick to what you feel comfortable with, that way your natural beauty can shine through but also be enhanced by a couple of tricks of the trade! And keep experimenting. I don't leave the house without concealer, mascara and blusher but it's taken me a long while to find the right ones!

    PS On that note, MAC dark eye bag concealer, No& mascara (or Max Factor) and Clinique blusher

  9. I think you look lovely! I think it's good that it's subtle if you're not used to wearing lots. Feel more like you on your wedding day.

  10. lovely and natural.

    i wish i had done a trial!

  11. You're really pretty!!! And you've never worn makeup???!! I'm beyond jealous!! I can't go out without makeup!!~ I think having it natural is a good idea if you're not used to makeup, you won't feel awkward on your wedding day. I had a tonne of makeup caked on my face for our wedding dinner at night and I hated it. :(

  12. Oooh very pretty & natural; lovely to put a face to a name too!

    I dont wear a lot of make-up but I really need too; I have just started using lancome's silky mat foundation which is really light and mac's cream blush in ladyblush is gorgeous for a touch of colour.