Monday, 17 January 2011

the mens morning

This is a not very picturey post because of James privacy and a not very wordy post because I dont know what went on. these are some of my favouriste photos of them all because its view onto a bit of the day I didn't see, and hadn't planned for 18 months.

He and the best man spent the night before the wedding at one of the ushers houses, and they all got ready there in the morning. All the men met for a pint at the pub opposite the church, which is their regular drinking haunt, and where anna caught up with them.

His nephews were ushers too, (I think they look best in the suits out of any of them! but dont tell him that...)

And from there they went onto the church, to start greeting guests!


  1. Aw how lovely to have his nephews involved, very sweet! And love that all the men went to the pub beforehand!

  2. Fantastic photos, I'd love to know what happened for him that morning. Well I know that they were desperately trying to locate our lost photographer and they had some posed shots taken.
    I think all the men look handsome.

  3. Great pics... they're so being boys having their pic taken! Love the dominoes pic :) I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics of my other half getting ready too – though now we'll be getting ready in the same place so won't be so much of a surprise! ;)

  4. I love the photos, especially the ones in the pub. Fab idea to have his nephews as ushers too!

    I loved seeing the pics of Graham getting ready too as its the one thing I didnt see.