Sunday, 24 April 2011

credit where credits due, pt 2

In praise of friends.
Little did I think when I started this blog 18 months ago, that I would make what i hope are lasting friendships from it.
This little space was created after spending several weekends completely immersed in the world of wedding blogs, seeing the relationships that formed, the supportive comments, and the brilliant ideas in weddings which were oh SO different to the ones in magazines.
Of course, I wanted in on all that fun. I hoped that people would pop by and comment, like what I was doing. I wanted it as an outlet for the ideas I was having, rather than constantly bombarding my mum and lovely bridesmaid with emails.
And you came, and you commented, and you were lovely. Occasionally you would email, and slowly relationships started to grow.
One day I met one of you, bizarrely we went ring shopping together. If it weren't for this meeting, I wouldn't have the wedding ring I wear today.
Then a while later, another lady emailed, asking about a group meet. So 5 of us met, in Edinburgh (I love that because of these ladies I get posh days out to Edinburgh :) drank coffee, smelt tea, ate cake, and laughed.
We've met again, with the addition of another, and I count all of them amongst my friends. Oddly, for people I haven't known that long, I feel like they can read me like a book. Maybe I wear my heart on my sleeve, maybe I am an open book, or maybe we were meant to meet, who knows?
You may notice us, babbling on twitter (sorry! We're that loud group in the corner).
But it's not only these ladies who've commented, who have read my ramblings. I wanted to say thank you to you all.
The ladies who write about their life in London, sometimes with forays abroad.
The ladies who married before me, marching on into married life.
The ladies who moved country to live with their husbands, to Italy, to America.
Ladies with beautiful children, who take beautiful photos.
Ladies who got married after me, in the snow.
A Lady who got married the same day as me
A lady who makes wonderful driftwood sculptures.
A lady who takes gorgeous photos, and had the most colourful wedding ever!
(every link is a different blogger, do click through to them all)
And lastly, (but definitely not least) to the real life friends. Not many of them know about this space, but I'll thank those that do anyway.
To Andi, and Kathryn, for funny twitter conversations, and just for being good friends. (and for a recent pretty awesome birthday present which I'll show you soon)
My bridesmaids - my 'sister', oldest friend, and best friend. Thank you all for being beside me when I got married :)
Only one of you reads this, and I hope you don't mind me 'outing' you, but thank you for being with me through nearly all of the wedding planning, for giving me a kick up the proverbial when I needed it, for organising a brilliant hen, and for being beside me as I got married. I should probably also thank your husband (!) for not only being our wedding entertainment, but also the entertainment (purely musical I assure you) at my hen.

Thanks to all of you, and I hope you'll stick along for the ride with me.


  1. From one Rebecca to another, thank you for the mention / link, so touched to have been included. Have loved following your wedding journey, and looking forward to following your life journey in the days ahead. Looking forward to more of that garden if the beautiful pic in your most current post is anything to go by!

  2. Oh no, you can't go writing nice things like that. I read it on a bus and cried. On a bus. Bus crying is not acceptable.

    (lovely though, and yes, I think we are all "real" friends. You can't get rid of us now.)

  3. Awww Becca thats lovely; I totally agree, you cant get rid of us now and i think they will be lasting friendships too.

    I never imagined that coming out of starting a blog either and I love the idea that we were meant to meet! Roll on the next meet!

  4. As Dizzy says I think it is dreadfully unfair of you to post this without prior warning. I took a break from wallpaper stripping to read it and was a little overcome.
    My dear, dear friend, I had such fun that first day we met and all the other days too. I love how our friendship had little influences on your wedding as it did on mine, you were with me on the day even if you weren't technically with me.

    You might have noticed that I'm quite stubborn so I'm afraid you are pretty much stuck with me now. x

  5. Awwww... now I'm really gutted that I can't do the pre-wedding meet as I kind of want to give you a hug now! I'm with Gaynor, you can't get rid of us now... I'm in for the in 10 years, camping with our kids (or wait were we leaving the kids at home with the hubbies??)... and I've got a lifetime to try and make you like tea!! ;)