Friday, 15 April 2011


I thought it worth writing about these photos on their own, since I got several different opinions on them beforehand. Personally, I'm really glad we got them, I just wish I'd had more!

(in which I realise that anna is leaving, and james stares at my chest)

We bought 8 cameras in Boots one day, they were on a BOGOF offer so we only paid for 4, and about £5 each, I don't think that's bad. I didn't buy lovely white wedding ones, there's a limit, I reach it before I buy specially-coloured-for-my-wedding disposable cameras. (Having said that I dd make labels for them all, but since they seemed to make Annas day I think it was worth it :), also, thank you R, for help with the quotes!) Bear in mind when you're costing for them that you usually pay to have them developed as well. I think this was another £5 each for us, which SIL got done while we were on honeymoon. It was great to come home tired at night, and to have 8 films to look through straight away, it filled the gap while you're waiting for the professional ones to come back. So the total cost of these was about £60.

( an in joke on the left, from lovely bridesmaid and her husband and Anna!)
I was wondering whether I would be left with a load of half empty cameras at the end of the night, but luckily we weren't. At the wedding of a friend several years ago they had these, and she was left with a lot of cameras with 10/15 photos on each left to use, the only reason we didn't was thanks to the young boys on James side of the family. This was both a blessing and a curse. We put them out on the tables for dinner, by the time the eating was over, 4 of the 8 cameras were finished! The waiting staff then separated them out for us when they cleared up, packed the finished ones away for us, and moved the half used ones out into the bar rooms for us to use. ( I didn't ask them to do this, they were just extremely thoughtful!) The boys then cottoned onto the fact that there were cameras to be used, and went about their work! Its great that we ended up with finished cameras, and no film left to use up, but the downsides were that because they got used so soon I have no record of my evening guests, and I think the boys a) often forgot to use the flash, and b) didn't vary their subjects much, so the ends of the films are largely unfocused badly lit pictures of themselves!

What I'm trying to say is that if you have a choice of when to put them out/who to give them to, do. My mum had suggested doling them out to a few people in the evening and asking them to be photographers for the night. I sort of wish I had done this now, as some people obviously love taking photos, the proof of that is in the cameras from tables who used them up completely before dinner was over. I also wish I'd maybe bought more, given that they were BOGOF anyway, and kept a few back to bring out after dinner for the evening guests. but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


  1. They are lovely, though, so very real, and with minimum posing! I really like that you are offering advice too, these are the wee things brides fret about!

    We almost did this, and I sort of wish we had, but so many of our friends bought digital cameras and uploaded their pictures for us to see that it may have been a bit of a waste. We came back from our 3 days honeymoon to find 600 pictures on the internet!

  2. I kind of wish we had done this too; I think its fab to have all of those pics when everyone is relaxed and not worrying about getting their picture taken.

    I love your expression when Anna is about to leave!

    Our photographers didnt leave until after the first few dances so we did get some pics of our evening guests arriving and some dancing which was good.

  3. I've heard horror stories of the pictures that end up on disposable cameras. Be grateful that small boys found them rather than men meaning you wouldn't have been able to get them developed!
    My parents gave my nephew their digital camera for the day and he must have turned it off auto focus so they have A LOT of blurry really bad quality photos. But they seem to like them.
    Glad the labels worked out well.

  4. He he I love the one of James checking you out ;) And yes good advice, we were just at a wedding where there cameras on the tables but some people just seemed to take one snap and then leave them. (The table we were at, it was the groom's dad who took one snap... so I didn't feel like I could take it off him!)