Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An evening stroll

This evening James and I went for a 'stroll' along the river.

I say stroll, it was more of a gentle scramble along the riverside playground of james' youth.

(that's James, in case you were wondering)

You can join a path along the river right behind our house, we didn't know how far we might be able to still get along it now. Turns out, the answers all the way still!

We got all the way to this old disused bridge, although it can't be crossed now sadly, hard to believe that behind those trees there's estate after estate, and the city hospital!

There was some scrambling under the rail bridge, and jumping over boggy bits, but mostly it was really pretty!

The bluebells are out in force here, they're migrating into my garden too!

We seemed to be following the family of ducklings most of the way along the river.

We also found an approaching army of pylons, but hopefully they can't cross the river?


  1. looks wonderful your own little narnia.

  2. My word verification was dessest almost dessert which is very apt for us two and our affection for cake.

  3. Becca, it looks lovely! You are very lucky to leave near all that nature! I have a particular love of viaduct bridges.

    Also, DUCKLINGS! :)


  5. It looks gorgeous; we never take time to actually enjoy our surroundings.

    Saying that we went down to the sea at Cramond last weekend for ice cream but it was so windy, the issues of living by the sea!

  6. And you say such mean things about where you live?! (I didn't know such prettiness was there either, and I've visited hundreds of times)