Friday, 5 August 2011

Bookcase: holiday reading

14 days, 7 books. Even I can do the maths there, although there was one very rainy day where I read the fellwalker in 5 hours.

A year in the village of eternity.
I think this was newly released, the only one in the pile which is. I'm not sure where you'd find this in a bookshop as it's not fiction, more a cookery diary of a year in the hilltop village of Campodimele In Italy. Apparently the residents have a longer life expectancy there than anywhere else in Italy, and it's all put down to their food and way of life. Lawson lived there for several years, and this is her account, each chapter being finished by a few recipes relevant to it. A lovely book that will make you want to jump on a plane to Italy, even if you're already in France.

The fell walker
James requested this for the holidays, and it's not often he asks for a book. Set in the lakes, it was easy for us to picture, almost too close for comfort! I really enjoyed this thriller, as you can probably tell from the length of time it took to read it.

An Englishman in Paris.
Again lent by a friend, a book about a year spent eating, drinking and loving in paris. Funny.

The island
I've been recommended this so many times I've lost count, but it's taken me a long time to get round to reading, I'm not often one for 'chick lit', which I assume this would fall into. It was nice to read about a country I've been to, and I enjoyed the whole thing much more than I was expecting to.

The curious incident...
It's taken me a long time to get round to reading it, but it was great. Funny and sad at the same time, But viewed through the eyes of someone who finds it hard to understand emotion. I've got his follow up book waiting to read now.

Doors open.
The Ian Rankin books are where I ran out of my own store and had to start borrowing from the house. Not a Rebus, but still set in Edinburgh, an art heist that goes wrong. Good book.

The Hanging Garden
(I only managed one half of this double bill before we left) this one a Rebus although I found it hard to picture Ken Stott. I've never read a Rebus before, I enjoyed it as detective books go, but there were a lot of plots going on and a lot of history, which made it hard work. I also spent a lot of time comparing it to the tv series, as we watch them a lot, and he seems a much more rounded person in the books than on screen. No bad thing, but I wasn't expecting so many musical references.

I'm considering a kindle. (don't say I told you so, R and Gaynor!)


  1. Get yourself a kindle, save on luggage weight.

  2. Wow, 7 books in 14 days is good going. I once had 5 and the security men took me aside to ask why I had so many! I've not read lots of these – feel quite ashamed of that!

  3. Ha ha yeah you totally need a kindle; I read 6 books in just our week in Marrakech so I was so glad I had got one before. Also meant when I ran out of books I could just simply connect and download another!

    Ive not read any of these either; I do have the The curious incident but not got round to it yet!

  4. You so need a Kindle, think of the extra suticase space!

    just don't squish it, they don't seem to like that.

    Also ashamed I haven't read any of those, cheesy chick lit and Harry Potter is as much as my brain can handle these days.