Sunday, 18 March 2012

A break in France

For the last 9 days we've been here again, in our friends house in France.

A thoroughly relaxing break of sleeping, scrabble, coffee, patisserie and sunshine.

And lizard watching (yes, in march! It was freakishly warm). And napping, and more scrabble.

Now we're back, it's back to work, and the house, and to blogging hopefully! I have loads of posts in my head, it's just getting them published.
(while I was away Imagine it published a blog post that I had managed to write for them-they blog about moments, big or small, and I wrote about the first time working back on my loom. It's here, if you want to see)

(apologies for the quality of pictures, all on my phone)


  1. Sunshine and scrabble sounds good to me... and lizard watching, love a bit of that! (Did a lot of that when I was teen in Florida!)

  2. It sounds like a great break. Lovely stuff.