Monday, 14 January 2013

Not completely gone

What do you write when you've been away from your blog this long? There's all sorts of posts that rattle around in my head, But I start to feel like I need a big introductory essay to set me off again, so it's not some blank page where the latest post is a year old.

There's so much to show in the house renovations now that I don't know where to start with that either; but I don't want to give up this space that I've made so many friends from, so I've got to start somewhere.

So while I think about that, here's my first mark on the page, to say I'm back, or at least, not completely gone.


  1. Welcome back. I think you just write what you want to write. The year gap will soon shift down the page :)

  2. A pretty decent first mark. Keep going now.

  3. Yay welcome back, looking forward to seeing / reading more. I need to start again properly too; im working on a 2012 recap post just to remind myself what I did last year!