Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hydrangea love.

credit: taken by pingu1963, on flikr.
I love love love hydrangeas. I love them dried, fresh, red, blue, white, anything. I just adore them. I've been thinking of ways to bring them into the wedding for ages. I dont think they'll work in the bouquet - although i'd love them to - but I was thinking of having pairs of dried stems hanging off the pew ends, (although I have other ideas on these now too - i'm so indecisive) and I have this major plan to make little wreaths from them by cutting up the heads into smaller bunches, if you see what I mean, and pushing them into oasis. I was thinking that the wreaths could each sit round a sort of glass hurricane lamp on the tables. I dont want big arrangements, the place where we're having the reception won't cope with really large ones, and as its October time hopefully she'll have the candles lit in the dining room, and these would compliment it. not sure yet, I have to wait for my hydrangeas to flower so that I can practice. in the mean time...I'll just dream of this mood board from Snippet and Ink and keep counting the heads growing on my plants.


  1. Love hydrangeas, and the cool thing about them is they are so beautiful dried as well as fresh, so they're super versatile! I like your ideas on how to use them.

  2. thank you! I'm really not sure if they'll work though, and waiting for my hydrangeas to flower so that I can experiment seems to be taking forever!