Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lace, and other stories.

I've only been blogging for a couple of days, but I havn't mentioned lace once, which is kind of stupid since its in my name. Originally, when I first became a fiance ( I hate that word) and I was in my wedding magazine phase, I went straight for a colour, and a theme. both things that the WIC (megs very eloquent post explains this far better than I could) would have you believe are your starting point, axis in a wedding, and everything that is important in the day. My colours, i've already talked about, and still love. I had to set these, because otherwise I would hav kept adding and adding and adding. I have no regrets on that front.
For my theme, I headed for lace. There were personal reasons for this, I'll get onto that at the end. It was mainly at first down to beautiful pronovias dresses, one of which Peonies rocked so so beautifully at her own wedding:

photos by elemental weddings, and edited by Peonies herself.

cakes like these:

White on Blue cake

English daisy lace cake

Eyelet cake
(all cakes from Makis Cakes)

and everything else in between. I loved those cakes by the way. (My mums,only comment on them, incidentally was that I could have them as long as there was no bow on the top, because it reminded her of a girl she went to school with, who always wore a bow in her hair. wierd)

But when it came to the day that I put dresses on, the lace just wasn't right. nor embroidery. or sparkles. (which is just as well because I hate sparkles.) the dresses that suit are the simplest or simple dresses. so no lace on the dress. Once one thing dropped from my lacy list, other things kept going, so now its not so much a theme, as elements. I like that though, because J and i aren't just about lace, in fact he's not at all about lace at all really, so I shouldn't try to crowbar it in everywhere. I just want a handmade feel to the whole day, because that is what we love. Little imperfections, and natural materials.
I do know though, that I want to use these:

My great Granny made them, and my Auntie gave me them when my mum told her about wanting to use lace. thy aren't very big, But I would like a fabric flower in my hair (maybe attached to something like a mini veil), and I thought one of these could be at the centre. it would also be my something old then, and I love that it becomes a sort of heirloom.
So handmade it is. I guess thats my theme, if you can call it that. he's marrying me despite my imperfections, so maybe the day doesnt have to be perfect either.

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