Monday, 15 June 2009

fabric allsorts

I've been looking at fabrics today, spent a happy while in a quilting shop in town. I love all the little prints :) I've been finding different ways of incorporating them into the day, not trying to crowbar them in, just because I keep thinking of things I could do with them. mainly these are favour related, like these jam pots which I think are just the cutest idea. I've been thinking about either making plum jam (see the colour reference?!) with my mums plums come autumn, or cumberland sauce - that sweet sticky marmalade that gets serves with pate and deep fried brie. If I'm going to do favours (which I'd like to if i can, I like giving presents and my wedding will be near ish christmas) I'd like to give something that can be used, or rather, eaten.

I'm also going experiment with wrapping my invites in some of the cloth., It would mean, (if it works, and thats a big if!) that I could do flat pieces of card as the invitiations, with travel/gift list info on the back or another piece of card, and parcel them all up inside the fabric and ribbon. if it works, i'll post some photos!

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