Monday, 15 June 2009

16 months....

I suppose i should say where I'm up to so far. most of those checklist things you find in bridal magazines start at a year, and I've still got 16 months, so for once in my life I'm vaguely ahead of schedule, but still.

Church, check. in fact my vicars words were 'my diary doesnt go that far, so yeah, you're fine'. Great.

Organist, check. my cousin is amazing :) and I dont have to pay the churches organist fee, cos they don't have one!

Reception, sort of check. in that i'm in their diary as a reservation, I'm just scared to ring and confirm cos the lady is a bit formidable.

Bridesmaids (3) check.

Bridesmaids dresses, check. (got them on my amazing staff discount at work, more on them another time)

Best man, and Ushers, check.

photographer, check. (ed - photographer might be changing so i've taken away the link)

i have ideas on most other things, and a year to tell you all about them!

I'm loving this. I'm not a big party thrower, in fact i dont think I've ever thrown a party, I'm also a big worrier, but this is great. I love christmas, decorating, every year I have a different theme for wrapping my presents, nice ribbons and such, this is like being allowed to have christmas all year round! I've spent the last 3-4 months reading blogs like snippet&ink and zoe lingard, and I love planning all the little details of the day. We're getting married in october next year, on my Grandpas birthday. our thinking, at first, was that its not worth aiming for a pretty summer day up here, oop norf, you're just as likely to get a lovely frosty bright day in febuary and october as you are rain in July. Plus we love strong autumnal colours, and wanted them in our wedding, we were thinking plums, rusty reds, gold and olive, (thats slowly been refined to plum with maybe hints of olive/ivory) and those colours - fingers crossed - will be in the trees then too. Plus its not so busy then, and then we were looking at saturdays in october next year, and the 16th was there. :)

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