Monday, 22 June 2009

etsy buys...

Last night I made my first etsy purchase. I found 12 yards of a lovely cream lace which I want to decorate the aisle in the church. ( I don't see the point in having flowers down the aisle, seems an enormous expense for 40 minutes of the day, and I'll have my back to them the whole time.) I also bought some lovely vinage looking card that has been scallop cut along one side with one of those fiskars cutters. I know I could have done it myself but it was so cheap that I couldn't have bought the cutter alone for that price. I've got one that cuts corners in a lacy fashion that I want to use on the invitations but this card was just so pretty. I'll put pictures up when they arrive.

I think I might use the cards for people to leave comments on to make a guest book out of later on. I love the idea of guest books, and photo booths, and all those ideas which mean you get a lovely memory book after the wedding, I'm a very sentimental person, I just worry that our families won't get a guest book idea at the wedding. Photo booths and polaroid set ups work really well at weddings where a large proportion of the guests are young. A large proportion of our guests, however are family. Older family. On both sides we have quite a large generation gap between us and our parents, and I can't think of any teenage guests coming. there aren't even many in their 20's, until the evening when hopefully some of my college friends will be invited. So no, photo booths are out. a biiiiiiig waste of money. But I'm thinking about disposable cameras, maybe just two or three dotted around in the evening with boxes of these cards and pens around the room too? Guest books are quite an old tradition really aren't they? I hope so...

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  1. I'm doing a polaroid guest book thing. My plan is to designate Groom's brother, who is chief usher, to look after the guest book table before dinner, as guests enter. He knows a lot of the family so will be able to encourage them to contribute. I think its a good job to give a family member who might be too shy to give a speech, but may want to be involved in a personal way.