Friday, 19 June 2009


last night I made this, my first DIY project, just a rough mock up of what I would like the rings to be held in (i think I might be mad.) it took the best part of an hour, but it only cost 32p cos I alreay had the book. it would need to be quite a bit deeper though so would take longer to make. I'll have to do some more practising. The photos verge on shocking, please excuse them!

I also had to make it from a very old maths textbook, it was the only hardback book lying around that I could cut up, so that explains all the equations. The pages are pva'd together to make a solid block of book, but because you have to hold it open, the pages didn't glue quite straight, as you can see from the pictures. still, in principle its there, I'm going to hunt out some more hardbacks from charity shops to try it with. In case you're wondering, the ring on the left is my engagement ring, and the gold band is my grannys wedding ring that hopefully I'm gong to have remade into my own wedding ring :D am I mad? I think so...

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