Friday, 26 June 2009

beautiful dresses.

Now i'm not wearing a tea length dress for my wedding, but if I were, it would have been this one. its just too too beautiful.
I stared at this photo for ever when it was in the dreaded wedding folder, I just loved the whole thing. But I can't give up on a full length dress. maybe oscar has the answer?

dress can be found in this collection at oscar de la renta

apologies if the image is rubbish, I've had to scan it in from an advert in my folder, which means its from some UK bridal magazine. I'm awful at this lark. But I do love the dress. Unfortunately, I think either would come under the heading of 'living beyond my means', and anyway, I've already discovered that lace doesn't suit me. But I'm good at dreaming.


  1. I also lusted after that Stephanie Allin one so gorgeous and so out of my budget! :)

  2. its just so scrummy isn't it, I love the whole thing, its a definate case of (accidental) targeted advertising selling it to me. lace? tick. bolero jacket? tick. flower in hair? tick. generally beautiful photo? tick.