Saturday, 27 June 2009


I was in church this morning, and unfortunately as my mind does sometimes when in church, my thoughts turn to the wedding. I sound incredibly self centred. I promise I'm not really. Anyway, I was thinking about the decorations, flowers and such. I was fairly against flowers hanging off every pew right from the start, it seems like an enormous waste of flowers, and money.

photo by me

I was thinking about doing a better, more finished version of these for the pew ends instead. I've fairly obviously, just tied this on to my rocking chair and not hemmed the end or anything, but its not too bad? I threaded wire through one side of the lace so that it holds in position, but the wire needs to be a teeny tiny bit stronger I think. The ribbon holding it on needs to be wider too, so that it covers the whole of the knot, and then hopefully the tails hang down too? What do you think? (by the way, there are umbrella holders on the end of every pew, so I can tie onto those) I was also thinking about some little wicker hearts I've seen, maybe they could hang off the ribbon, or is that overkill?(it probably is, I tend to go that way...)

I was also thinking about the funny ledges the church has in front of its windows. They've put them there to make window ledges, and quite deep ones at that. I've seen them with floral arrangements on before, so I know they dont mind having them put there. My mind started wandering, as it does, and it reminded me of this:

picture: the brides cafe
(sorry I can't be more exact, I saved the direct link to the photo, not the wedding it came from)

and this:

It was Zoe Lingards post about gypsophilia that made me think about it seriously, until then to me it was just the filler flower that came with supermarket bouquets. Then I started thinking about how lacy and light it was, and best of all cheap! I don't want it everywhere, While I think these weddings are lovely, mine is not to be outdoors and in the middle of summer. (Rather it will be very indoors in October in Cumbria - not a time for too much floatyness) But I think maybe it would look ok in vases or jars on the windows in the church? like this, but gypsophilia rather than alchemilla - which incidentally is really good alternative if you're doing a modern green colour scheme that seems to be everywhere now...

photo by me

plus its cheap. I really dont have a problem with flowers, just so you know, I love them. they make me smile and spend money i dont have. I also think churches look amazing decorated with floral arrangments, I'm just really not prepared to spend a ton of money on things that only get seen for an hour.

Finally, to tie it all in, I love this bouquet ( I also love the dress, buts thats a whole other post right there), I love the big headed roses, the tight posy, with uneven edges, and i love love love the border of gyposphilia, if thats what it is. Its certainly what I choose to see, and the inspiration I'm taking from it.

photo: lusan mandongus advert, from a uk bridal magazine

Phew, that was a long post, does it make any sense?


  1. I love gypsophila and hate fussy flower arrangements in churches. Flowers trying to compete with the natural grandeur of churches never look anything but silly in my humble opinion! Simple flowers however are beautiful and I think would look very pretty.

    I also love the ribbons, they're gorgeous!

  2. thank you :D this church is so massive and open too that all flowers look tiny in comparison!

  3. Gypsophila looks so chic when it is on its own.

    I think the fact the flowers are so small will make them even more special in the vastness of your church.