Monday, 29 June 2009


I thought, just as a quick (quick? ha, its taken me 24 hours to do this post. damn you Andy Murray for distracting me) follow up to the previous post, I'd show the roses I've found in the most beautiful colours which seem to look like a perfect match for the bridesmaids dresses. Now I should say that I feel like a fraud having a post with the word 'matching' in it when accordionsandlace has recently posted this, but in my defence, I know my wedding will not look like 'one of those', I want it to reflect us, but I do so love it when I find a colour match! And a plum coloured rose? I didn't know they existed!
The Avalanche rose:

photo: gill rickson on flickr

The 'Big Purple':

picture: real flower company

The 'Cool Water':

picture: flowersnthings on flickr

And the aforementioned gypsophilia:

picture:tamaki on flickr

and just so you can get an idea of the dress:

The fuschia/plum/cerise colour is less red than it appears there, and more how I describe it. They hve a big blowsy floral print on them. Also in a purely selfish way, I don't want to show the whole dress on here until they're out of the shops. sorry...


  1. Ooo cool water is beautiful.

    Love the dress.

  2. Ooooh I tried on this dress on at the weekend, beautiful choice! Don't fret, your secret is safe with me!