Wednesday, 1 July 2009

etsy buys...#2 - for a guestbook

I can see this becoming a regular post unfortunately for my wallet...

I've bought some red heart shaped doilies (wierd, I know) to make little teensy weensy envelopes from for a sort of guest book thing I'm imagining will work, and is so far entirely etsy bought. Here goes. hopefully (in my mind...) I can make envelopes from these doilies...

doilies from : pinkgrapefruitstyle

...Using this tutorial at Martha Stewarts, then (hopefully) fill it with this card I bought last week from etsy that I mentioned in this post a while ago - are you following so far? - ...
card from: tripletrouble

...So that eventually they look something similar to these cards below, which I'm also buying a pack of in case mine don't work, and so that if they do, it has a sort of mismatched look to it all...

envelope sets from: pookybutt

...Then I'll put the cards out in a couple of boxes around the room, so that if anyone wants to leave us guest booky sort of messages, they can, and they're more private because they're in envelopes. Am I mad?


  1. That's a great idea, you're definitely not mad! Love the heart doilies.

  2. thank you! althought I suspect i am mad, the doilies may not be evidence of this. since I've been reading your blog I've been seeing teacups everywhere and i want to send them to you!