Saturday, 4 July 2009

blah blah blah

yeah, I was right, I've hit that quiet point. At least until all those lovely things I bought off etsy arrive and I can fiddle with doilies and lace for a while. I wanted to tell you all about my plans for my dress, but i'm afraid of sounding like a bit of a pretentious idiot (also a lot of the photos of dresses that I like I can't use in here), I want to tell you more about me, in an effort to seem less weddingly 1 dimensional, but when I start writing it comes out wrong, so I don't have anything to write basically. So, instead, i'll leave you with a photo of my cats.
(please don't think me a grumpy sod!)


  1. how can you be grumpy when you have black cats?!

  2. haha, i;m not really, one cuddle from them and I'm fine again :)