Sunday, 5 July 2009

the fatal etsy addiction aka bridesmaids presents.

I don't have money, but oh how I wish I did. Every day i find more beauties on etsy. And then I found etsy wedding. *ouf* , how dangerous that blog is. its like having a personal etsy shopper. I've found so much on there that I love, my favourites list gets longer by the day. I think I've found presents for all my bridesmaids (not that I can afford to get them yet...) I've been looking at pearls, because its so hard to match to their dress colour, and I want to get them something jewellery related to give them to wear. I'm debating whether to get them different presents, or all the same. I'm toying now with the idea of different because I'm finding so many sweet necklaces and such. I really like the mismatched look thats doing the rounds, but all my girls have got the same dress now. Its also a high street dress so I'm terrified (literally, I am going to have nightmares about this nearer the time) that a guest will turn up in the same dress, but its highly unlikely(isn't it? please tell me it is). To combat this, we decided that we have to make them look as similar as possible outfit wise, so that they don't look like 3 guests in the same dress. Not identical, because these 3 girls are so very different that they will all make it look individual anyway, but similar. Same shoes, (or at least same style and colour), and a wrap the same(which two people have challenged me to weave myself. argh). so I think the jewellery can be different? at least then I can get them each something that reflects their personalities and style more. these are the contenders I've found so far:

pearl necklace and earrings: weddingjewels

carrie necklace: erinkeys love song necklace: kgarnerdesigns

necklace and earrings :beadsinthebelfry peapod earrings: sudlow
(sold separately)

bracelet and earrings: bumbershootdesigns
I'm addicted. not only to etsy, but to pearls. thats ok right?! I know I've posted the peapods before, but I just love them. I think they're adorable.
And how scrummy is this locket?!
just in general... I can't believe the work in it.

locket : mstevensondesigns
since this post became rather longer than I expected, Ill post on my own jewellery thoughts tomorrow....

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  1. Oh etsy, you have stolen so many of my hours.

    Also I defintely would not worry about the bridesmaids it's seriously unlikely that someone will turn up in the same dress- even if someone did turn up in the same number they won't look the same. Also think of the cute photo op! (Or you buy another and make everyone (including boys) wear it and then photoshop them altogether) Sorry that might be a little weird.

    Also I really, really want a carrie necklace now. Thank you so much for feeding my obsession!