Sunday, 19 July 2009

DIY #2

Remember the linen I said I bought while I was in Edinburgh? well the little pile on top of the photo with the rosebuds on are a set of 4 linen hankies. Did I say all of this already? I don't remember, so I'll say it again. I was thinking I could embroider each bridesmaids name on their hankie and pop it in their bag with some other things. So for once I thought I'd start a projct straight away rather than letting it sit in a box for a year. However, as my embroidery skills are generally mediocre, I wasn't going to put needle to linen straight away, I thought I should practice first, and heres the result.
Its a bit scratchy in places, but overall not bad? I think I might make the thread thinner for the real thing, I used some embroidery thread I had lying around to try this out, those ones where they come 6 threads together, I used 3 together for this so I'm going to take it down to 2 for the real thing. For anyone who wants to know, I printed off the name in a font I liked (scriptina - free from dafont ) pinned it to the back of the fabric once it was stretched in the hoop and traced it with one of those fabric pens that disappear after 24 hours, and then used back stitch to sew it. It wasn't rocket science but I'm quite pleased!


  1. Love it. I need to get more crafty!

  2. such a good idea! I attempted embroidery recently but it went pretty wrong! And i totally DO want to know that you can print it off and stick it on the back and trace it through- genius! (or maybe im a bit late the the embroidery party on that?!)

  3. Thank you both :) the only thing i discovered after is that back stitch means that the stitches on the back are heavier, I'm going to try the next practice in a different stitch.