Monday, 20 July 2009


Thank you so much, Hannah of seeds and stitches! you would not believe how happy this made me, to be given an award! I really don't feel particularily worthy of it, having only been blogging for a month or so, and because I write appalingly but thank you so much!

Apparently I am allowed to bask in the blog lovin glory, but I've quietly (no-one in the real world knows I blog) done that for several hours now, so I'll continue to the next option of passing it on. I only have a small list of blogs I'm following at the moment, so I'll be super selective :)

Favourite blogs:

Accordions and Lace - just wonderful. she really makes me feel like shes letting me into her life with every post
Tea and Whimsy - because her wedding will be wonderful, and its been a joy to see her planning
(I blogged about both of these lovely ladies just the other day too, I'm not stalking I promise!)
iDIY - I only just discovered this properly, and my weddings already benefiting from it!
Peonies and Polaroids - IMHO this woman should be a writer. But I'm glad she isn't, because then she wouldn't be photographing my wedding! Go read her blog - but then, you probably all already do!
EDIT: see hannah, what happens when you give an award to a dummy like me? I forget to tell my awardees what to do with it?! anyway, either you can just enjoy the blog loving I gave you, or pass it on to any blogs you love yourself.
And if she hadn't passed it to me, I'd pass this award to Seeds and Stitches - she took a crocheted blanket camping, and has named her veg patch for Gods sake. what more do you need?! Thank you Hannah, you made my day :D


  1. Thank you you lovely thing!

    (I'll let you in on a secret, I really want to be a writer, one day. When I'm a grown up.)

  2. (don't ever grow up, as far as I know, you're lovely just as you are, and seem to be toddling along just fine with your bunnies and camera)