Tuesday, 21 July 2009

etsy arrivals :)

I realised that I never showed you the things I bought from etsy when they arrived. So here they are:

They're certainly all very pretty, I'll be honest though, inches do become bigger in my head than they really are, I think. So these may not get used quite the way I imagined. The idea for the guest book is still there though. The heart shaped doilies though, now they are gorgeous. so gorgeous I decided they warranted their own photo. I love them. I really want to get on and make this idea become real, I'm just scared to fold the doilies. that and I dont have any card yet. but when I do, you'll be the first to know!

And I think I might have found a lovely thing to hold them all in once its done...

letter organiser from yaneshops on etsy...as usual!

I've actually seen a couple on etsy, but I'm going to keep one to myself for the moment, I can't really afford this right now, even though its not expensive, the recession and that holiday last week are hitting my wallet a bit at the moment. what do you think? I'm loving hearing from you all, keep the comments coming (as long as they're nice!).

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