Friday, 24 July 2009


sorry I'm not being very evident at the moment. I'm still here, commenting and enjoying other blogs, but I'm not feeling very weddingy so theres not much to post about. I'm having a fairly rubbish week, and the wedding has sort of taken a back burner in my mind. We have been playing around with the invitations, so I'll post about that soon, but I've been busy creating instead, because I'm getting really sick of not doing what I want to with my life. I may start another blog soon, a sort of everything else blog where I can post about my work, but I'll tell you all when I start that up. Speak soon :) xx

p.s. every time I post about being non-weddingy, about 4 wedding posts appear in my head, so I'll probably be back sooner than I think!


  1. oooh by work do you mean weaving? (have you seen tales of a junkaholicsd blo9g? she's a weaver too!)you should TOTALLY post about your work on here! Id love to see it. I reckon theres no reason why daydreams in lace cant be about everything you want- but with a strong wedding emphasis? that way it appeals to a wider audience maybe? Anyway, thats just my opinion. Rubbish that your having a shitty week. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend with chocolate, good food, dvd's and whatever else makes you happy .... Looking forward to seeing your invites!

  2. Thanks hannah :) yeah I do mean my weaving, and odd bits of sewing, I seem to be branching out at the moment but I'm trained as a weaver. I thought/think about putting my work on here, just having one blog, but a friend is making me a proffesional type website, and I'm not sure I want anyonbe who goes to my site to be able to read about my wedding. that must sound so stupid when I'm already blogging about it, but I feel kind of anonymus still in this blog. I dont think a potential client would want to sift through save the dates and dresses! I'd link to it here though, and post bits, like peonies did the ther day, and you could always follow me there too ;)
    thank you for the nice thoughts too, I have 3 days off now, and the week ended on a better note than it started, so all is not lost.