Sunday, 26 July 2009

branching out.

So, after a lot of deliberation (well, a few hours), a bit of poking from Hannah, and a bit of blog envy, I might open this blog up a bit. I started this blog because I wanted to be able to talk about my wedding without boring the hind legs off my bridesmaids and hubby to be, but now I'm finding that I want to be able to talk about other things that I find, or do, and its frustrating that I feel it has to be wedding related. I still intend to start up another blog at some point, because like I said in the comments on my previous post, I don't think I want potential clients and customers to be able to read all the personal details of planning my wedding, or my day to day life on what should be a professional blog. But for now, I think I'm going to put it all in here. Partly because I can't yet decide on a blog name for my 'official' blog, and partly because I'm not yet ready to start writing it. then later on, in a month, maybe 3, maybe 6, when I start another blog, I'll decide what goes in what blog, and any of you who are reading this (anyone?) can decide whether you want another blog on your lists. So I'm sorry if this annoys you, but bloggings also a personal (public) thing right? There will still be weddingness here, with out a doubt, I'm still getting married after all! But I've been scared of seeming rather one sided to you all, there is far more that I'm interested in, worry about, like to look at, than, say, wedding flowers. ( I do love me some wedding flowers though).

So...heres the highlights of the weekend that I wanted to share with you. Yesterday I went (with a dear friend and bridesmaid) to Potfest in the park. its not as drug fuelled as you may imagine, in fact its not at all drug fuelled. Its one of two festivals by the same name, run by the same people, which celebrate and promote local, national, and international ceramic artists, in the beautiful settings of a country house.

Hutton in the Forest.
ceramics by Janet Halligan
teapots by: Virginia Graham
platters by: Charlotte and Sigerd Bohmer (no website unfortunately)

These last bowls almost made me cry with their prettyness. Seriously. We were planning to go back today, James and I, but the weather was so rubbish we didn't. I was hoping that I would get one of these, but it was not to be. They were so lovely. Ho hum. When we were there though, we met one of our college tutors who was exhibiting there, he told us about the walled garden at the back of the house (does that really count as a house? it had turrets. also I wanted to get married there.) so we went for a wander in there too, which was lovely.


All in all, a lovely morning was had. I just wish I'd had the money to buy the things I loved there. Thy weren't even expensive, I'm just uber skint. And I just found out that the one thing I did buy, a really cute tiny tile with a blue bird on, was made literally two villages away from my parents home! Phew, did that go ok?
p.s. on a technical note, why will blogger not allow me to drag my photos down through my post now, when it used to? I have to move it down bit by bit now, its irritating as hell, and I don't think I've done anything to change it. Or do all you clever people out there have some different way of doing things?


  1. oh i am in LOVE with virginia graham ceramics! i've had it cut out and stuck in my house book for ages- i cant believe you saw it in real life! wow!

    An im so excited that you decided to put some more stuff in this blog. Totally understand about not having clients finding so much out about your life though. But im selfish and desperate to see your weaving! Especially since i now know you studied ethical textiles- that (truly honestly) would be my dream dream course and job. I long to combine my love of textiles with international development or supporting small businesses or something. Anyway. Wow that was a long post!

  2. Well I have semi plans for a post with a few pictures in the next few days with the blanket I'm just finishing now, and what I'm about to make. The eco textiles was only for my dissertation, although I try to follow it as far as possible in my work now. I'll maybe post on that soon too though. thank you for saying lovely things though!

  3. I think the best blogs are the blogs that infuse personal bits of your life, with work stuff, inspiration and images. The blogs that are the most successful and lovely to read are those that are like a beautiful magazine with tit bits and insights into the writers life, like having a flick through someone's personal diary. If this is how you want your blog to be then it will of course bring you business and opportunities. I can understand you not wanting future clients to see wedding stuff but i say dont think about it too much. I sometimes have a freak out about my clients reading my blog or family but then i think 'oh hell to it, it's my blog and diary and if they read it they read it' it's all honest stuff and it's you. Hope that makes sense? I Found blogging quite hard at first like i was allowing the world to hear my personal thoughts and aspiartions but now i am used to it and dont care who reads it. Great blog btw, i will continue to read. and thanks for the helpful comment on my blog you are so right. X