Thursday, 30 July 2009

evening entertainment.

board games at a wedding! :D what a fantastic idea! because I think you all know by now I'm not what you might call the biggest fan of dancing...

via A Practical Wedding photo by the couples friends.

via a practical wedding, photos, not sure, please correct me if you know?

This is definately an idea I'm considering, I think it would make people feel far more comfortable about sitting around rather than feeling they have to dance. Opinions?


  1. I think its a brilliant idea. Along with a few other wedding curiosities, I also definitely did not want a big first dance. We asked our friends anfd families to play for free- whatever they wanted. This menas it was more like a gig- people standing round and listening- but im not sure if that would always work? I also really wanted a bouncy castle (For the adults!), and love the idea of story telling too. That might be the hippy in me coming out but for our 10 yr wedding party i think we might do this!

    Some friends of mine organised a barn dance. Might sound a bit twee but it was actually really good fun and got everyone dancing with not too much embarassment.

    But to avoid dancing all together games would be brilliant fun! especially things like giant jenga or something.

  2. Lovely idea! Our favourite pub in Cambridge when at uni was one that had board games you could play at your table whilst you had a drink. Excellent for breaking the ice (especially at a wedding when not all guests will know each other) and giving the non-dancers something to do rather than just sitting watching.

    Come to think of it, I once went to a club near Soho that had Twister, Giant Jenga and various board games, as well as a dancefloor - it was great fun!

  3. Great way of breaking the ice!

    Loving the giant Jenga/twister idea